Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Idaho/Utah Trip with Nicole AKA Photo Dump

Nicole, my Dad and I went to Idaho and Utah for 9 days. My Dad was able to attend his 50th HS reunion. We also visited a lot of cemeteries and temples while we were south.  Most of these were already posted to facebook, so feel free to skip this post.

Nicole and Dedra in front of the Twin Falls Temple

Nicole pointing to her great great grandmother's initial, "R". It stands for Roylance. That is Nicole's middle name.

The infamous [to us] Cheney Dr, located near the TF Temple.

Dad fell asleep. A lot of times. The paper he's holding says, 'Dad, we went to the pool.' I took the remote out of his hand replaced the paper. He slept through it. 

Snake River Canton, TF

Welcome to Utah! I like their new sign.

Davis County Library. Dad is snoozing.

Ryan and I were hiding from Gina.

In the Conference Center.

Conference Center escalator.

The roof of the Conference Center.

SLC Temple

nerd fest

SLC Temple

My friend, Amy, and me, in front of the Rexburg Temple.

Ryan, getting back to his roots.

The visitor center near the Idaho Falls temple. Three Washington vans in a row.

Ryan is the photo bomber, ish.

Water falls TERRIFY me!


Cousins. Regann [Ryan's oldest girl] and Nicole.

Mayson, Regann, Nicole

The group, after Gina and Kyle went back home.

More photo bombing. Do you see Ryan in the next three photos?


I took this picture. I'm a professional.

Cole stole my spot!

My pack list for when I move in a shed or trek across the country.

The last picture taken on the way home. We were stopped in traffic.
It was a super fun trip! I'm sure glad to be home.
Time to brag...Here is what I did...4 sessions, 7 initiatories and 29 confirmations in 3 temples. Cole did baptisms in 3 temples. It was a success.

Here's the new rule. No one is allowed to leave until everyone is ready. Then people won't be missing from pictures. LAME!!

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