Thursday, September 18, 2014

Word Crimes

I am sitting here listening to Weird Al, and being influenced by his music. I am also admiring his beautifully straight teeth. The thought came to me, your reader wants to know a couple grammatical errors that bug you

Dear Reader, 

Here are a couple grammatical errors that bug me:

Hope that helps. Although this is a complete sentence, it is not saying what many people think. It is a directive. You are telling someone to have hope in some kind of process.  I hope that helps. This is expressing hopefulness that you have done something to assist or better the person you are speaking to. It could also mean you are witnessing something being tried, which you hope will help. Take possession of your encouraging words, Reader.

Here is a picture of Ken and I. [This is incorrect.]  Here is a picture of Ken and me. [This is correct.] You may think it sounds incorrect; to check it, leave out the person you are doing the activity with. Here is a picture of I. Here is a picture of me. Me is the winner.

You are welcome, Reader. Thank you for stopping by. Please bring me some cookies.


PS, I do not claim to an expert. The hidden message of this post is about the kettle calling the pot black. There will be a beautiful irony if I have missed errors in this post.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stuff and Things, summer 2014 edition.

Our summer was filled with roadtrips, camps, and day trips. It felt like we were on the move the entire time. Here are a few things we did over our break from escuela.
  • Nicole and Matthew went to EFY in Logan, Utah
  • Anna attended summer school filled with field trips and fun activities
  • Kate came to visit for a weekend.
  • We had family pictures taken.
  • I saw my brother, Garen.
  • Nicole and Matthew went on Trek, Anna hung out with Mom and Dad.
  • Anna got baptized.
  • Matthew went to Scout camp.
  • Nicole went to Girl's camp.
  • Ken changed jobs and then changed back.
  • My Dad came a few times and spent the night.
  • I canned over 300 jars of fruit, salsa, green sauce, and soup. (I am still canning. Everyday.)
  • We had flu bugs, poison ivy, allergic reactions, and a dislocated knee. By we, I mean The Boy.
  • Ken and I went to two Rainier baseball games.
  • We had out second annual s'more party.
  • My garden flourished.
  • I took a break from Facebook.
  • I spray painted an old ugly bar stool turquoise.
  • I made my kids run a 5k every single day they wanted internet access on their electronic devises. There was a lot of running this summer. 
  • I also made them practice the piano and read everyday.
I think that's a good list. Here's a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

 Some nature shots.
 I am sad summer is over!
While Kate was here.  We didn't have a lot of time so we packed every waking minute with adventure. We went to the Pacific Ocean, the Goonie's house, the high school in the Twilight movies, Tumwater Falls, Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, and she even sang in the Stake Choir for our conference.
We stopped by Garen's while we were over on the coast. This picture looks really innocent, but Garen is actually holding on for dear life. He felt his life coming to an abrupt end as I hiked his leg up there. My smile is sincere.
 He's happy to have both feet on the ground again.
 A candid shot from our family pictures.
One of our favorite missionaries went home. Elder Price. We could be cousins!

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