Saturday, September 28, 2013

Upcoming Events and Shun the Non Believers.

Tonight  Relief Society General Meeting, dinner included. I love the RS General Meeting. I've been looking forward to it for about 3 months.

October 1, 2013  Adoption Hearing. It's 99.9% certain that the adoption will be final on Tuesday. This day is almost 3 years in the making. 1,046 days to be exact.

October 2-9, 2013 I'm going to wreak havoc on the East Coast. Some activities may include:

  • visiting a 40 foot tall inflatable duck
  • stalking to Amish who sell fabric and vegetables
  • canning stew
  • meeting aunt(s)/cousin who I've never met before, or only once
  • visiting new states I've never before visited
  • who knows? Pennsylvania is like a blank canvas. 
October 27, 2013 9am  Our ward Primary Program. It's my favorite church service of the year and this one is going to be special. I think the children may remember their part this year...for the rest of their life. It's that exciting.


In other news, not much is going on around here. School is going full speed ahead. The big kids are attending seminary. Everyone has homework. Our schedule that was 9-10am to 1-2am on a nightly basis has shifted from 4am to 9pm. It's a better sleep/awake schedule.

Did you know they changed some of the seminary scriptures? I found this chart on the internet. I found it super helpful. How will you mark your scriptures to denote they are no longer scripture mastery?

Did you know you can speed up the audio book you are listening to on Overdrive? I just learned it was possible and I'm loving it mucho.

It's pouring down rain here. I'm loving that mucho as well.

ttfn! Have a great couple of weeks. I'll be MIA again.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

This and That

Here is what we've been doing while I wasn't blogging.

  • I canned over 200 quarts and pints of stew, salsa, beans, pears and peaches.
  • I went to the Puyallup (Pew-Al-Up) fair for the first time. In my life. 
  • We saw a rodeo and Craig Morgan in concert.
  • School started
  • Nicole is in 10th grade, Matthew is in 9th grade, Anna is in 2nd.
  • I only went to the gym 6 times last summer. 
  • The weather has been awesome this summer and we've spent a lot of time outside in the sun. I have the best 'tan' of my adult life. I'd be embarrassed by my lack of color if I went anywhere outside the PNW.
  • Matthew fell off his bike and got a concussion. No, he wasn't wearing his helmet. Yes he has a helmet. He has three actually. Feedback I received was, 'Don't let your kids ride their bikes without a helmet.' DUH! It's easy to say that if you don't have children or if you don't have older children. When my kids were in elementary school I was outside with them while they were getting helmets on and leaving for school or bike rides. That is not how it works as your kids get older. Ken and I  have taught our kids correct principles and they (the big kids more than Anna, who is still little,) now govern themselves. They have natural good or bad consequences for each choice they make and if they mess up, they lose freedoms, which is also a natural consequence. The moral of this story while standing on my soapbox? Don't judge. Q&A: Q: Are you a little over sensitive about this? A: Yes! You would be too if you got overly judgmental comments about your parenting too!! ps, he's doing fine, thanks for asking.  
  • Clearly, I need therapy still.
I think that's enough uneasiness to inflict on my 4 readers for one day. I'll try again tomorrow.

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