Wednesday, May 30, 2012

this and that

here's what's going on around here:

  • matthew is turning 13 on sunday.
  • anna's adoption papers were filed with the court...today!!!
  • i am leaving for utah in the morning. dad and i are driving down. my sister, gina, is taking out her endowment and i will escort her. this is a plan 15 years in the making.
  • ken got new glasses.
  • nicole is almost done with her yw personal progress.
  • my house is clean and ready for me to leave to town.
  • i hate cats.
  • tulips are my favorite flower.
  • i like red curry better than yellow.
  • i can see i've digressed from telling you about our goings on.
  • my kids are all fired for various different reasons.
  • did i mention i'm going to take sewing lessons? so exciting!
  • i'm tired of draw something. if we are playing together, this is why i haven't taken a turn in a while. i'm bored.
  • i like sour cream lemon pie.
  • our weekend mailman is a liar.
  • here is a very good video from youtube.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

good idea - bad idea

good idea: having a girl's night.
better idea: having an impromptu girls night.
*it's too bad you can't plan for those!
*we have a set of blocks on top of our entertainment center that says 'family'. most of the time it reads 'fail'. by looking at the picture below, can you guess one of the ladies who was at my house this week?

good idea: learning to sew.
bad idea: not knowing everything there is to know about your sewing machine. it may be really fancy!
good idea: i am going to take sewing lessons from a local shop. they are inexpensive and i'm going to learn. a lot.

good idea: do your personal progress.
bad idea: putting of your personal progress until it feels too late to accomplish.
*nicole finished her last value experiences this weekend and now only had her projects left to finish up. she is hoping to be done by her 14th birthday. i'm really excited for her. she's a great example to me.

bad idea: curbing your tire.
*my friend's daughter curbed her tire yesterday. below is the picture. my mom always told us if we were going to do something, we should do it all the way...do our best. my response to melissa was, if you're going to curb your tire, do it all the way! well done.

ps, i stole this picture from donna.
*my mom also told us sometimes it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission...sorry donna?

Monday, May 28, 2012


this is what my blog post has looked like for at least 10 minutes.

  • i don't have anything to blog about. i am lame.
  • i did learn how to take a screen shot though. 
happy memorial day
what did you do to remember?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

anna can ride her bike!

watch this video! it's a minute of your life and it took an hour and a half to upload.

it wasn't even planned!

last night ken and i had our friends over for dinner. although we were excited about having them, we didn't know how late the evening was going to last. ken didn't get home until after craig and carie arrived at 6pm and craig got called into work around 7:15. luckily they came in two cars so carie didn't have to leave, and her boys could continue playing with matthew.

the three adults we playing ticket to ride when my friend amy called. 'do you want to go to target with me?' hold on, let me check. i ask carie if she wants to go to target. [of course we do!] i tell her yes, ask if i can invite my friend, she wants to know who my friend is, so i tell her, and of course she says yes. [we are all in the same ward.]

ken, carie and i finish playing ticket to ride while we wait for amy to get here. when she does arrive, she walks right in and goes to straight to the kitchen to eat our food which wasn't put away yet. [on a different note, i can't tell you how happy i am that i have friends who know it's okay for them to do that. if you leave my home hungry, it is your own fault.]

carie and i win ticket to ride, [epic tie] i go change out of my pajama pants and off to target we head to buy amy's husband fat free fig newtons, deodorant and diapers. [do you like how i wrote that so it appears that vaughn needs diapers? me to.]

this is how amy pushes a cart. 
once we had the things amy needed, we decided to stroll over to the card section and spent an hour reading greeting cards. it was hilarious. who knew you could give a sympathy card to someone who lost a running race and it would be so funny! also, there is a whole section of greeting cards with awkward family photos on the covers. awesome.

so on our way home from target, i asked amy if she wanted to come over and watch you've got mail. she said yes, so this means we are in the full swing of a girl's night. a not even planned girl's night.

this is carie on my bed while the movie started. we sequestered ourselves into my room to give the kids free reign of the house for their nerf war. and to give us a kid free zone.

at 9pm, nicole and anna came home from an activity at the church and brought my friend's two kids home with her. caleb and abby. at 10, dave and april arrived to pick them up and i told nicole to send april to my room. she came in and we invited her to stay and finish watching the movie. a few minutes later, dave was taking the kids home and we had another edition to our party.

one requisite for a girls night? chocolate.

we finished off a grasshopper pie. it was left over from dinner and it was delish.
in the natural course of the evening, it was time to pull out the mustaches. do you like my pirate patch? me to. ps, i look like a photo bomber, which makes this photo even better.
 this is how you know it was time to put the mustaches away.
you know those scenes from movies when the morning after the party, there are beer bottles everywhere? here is our equivalent. i like the $5 bill in the shot too.
so, the movie ended, it was as good as always, actually--it was better than always because of the awesome company. our impromptu girl's night ended at 11:30 and it was a super fun night. i am so glad it happened the way it did.

thanks ladies!

Friday, May 25, 2012

how to take a screen shot on your iphone 4 or 4s

ken asked me the other night how to take a screen shot on the iphone and i thought it would be appropriate to give him a 'girl answer' as opposed to just telling him how to do it in five or six words. it was so successful i thought i would show you how to also.

this is an iphone 4.
so, first you decide on a really cool picture you want to capture. like the swedish chef for instance.

google swedish chef.

pull up the picture.

pressing the power and the circle on button at the same time, you will get a screen shot.

then you go to photos and crop the awesome picture of the swedish chef

and text 'your mom is the swedish chef' to a very deserving person. [amy] it is best to send these types of texts after 10pm. *edited post publish to add this photo.*

later, send her other helpful tutorial texts.

the end. now you know how to take a screen shot.

this and that

this is my current favorite song by neil diamond. of course this does not change the fact that beautiful noise is my all time favorite by him.

so...here 's a list of junk you don't really care about.

  • i'm going to make cheesecake in my crockpot. i saw a recipe for it on pinterest.
  • i want to watch you've got mail. i may do that tonight.
  • we are having friends over for dinner tonight and i didn't clean my house for them. that's how you know we are friends.
  • my birthday is 151 days. i'm going to have a party.
  • it's clouds illusions i recall. i really don't know clouds at all.
  • spencer is getting worse. i have my money to get down to utah for his funeral. i'll be traveling with my dad.
  • that last bullet makes me want to vomit.
  • i'm struggling to find my purpose in one area of my life. most of the time it's easy. i am the peanut gallery and the loud mouth toad. a few hours every week, i'm just lost and insecure. it's lame.
  • i put a mustache on my entryway mirror. it makes me happy every time i see it. every time.
  • matthew has started mowing lawns again for the spring/summer. if you need someone to mow for you, give him a call or send me an email.
  • i haven't had soda/caffeine in 9 days. last night when ken and i went out for nachos, he was drinking a diet pepsi and as i sipped my water, i tried to pretend it was a diet soda. it did not work.
  • i am hungry.
  • amy is lame.
  • seriously. so very very lame.
  • amy mc lame pants.
okay, time to go put the food in the oven.  ttfn.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

awkward and awesome


  • i am in a blogging funk again. maybe still.
  • anytime i get life advice from the people i work with. it's either because they think i'm pathetic or crazy. maybe both.
  • this blog post. i've got nothing!
  • i spoke with one of the counselors from our stake presidency last night. the interaction was awkward, because i. am. awkward.
  • photo bombing. the question is, who bombed this one?

  • i love my clean house.
  • neil diamond
  • i went to a book club on tuesday in tacoma. it was so fun and i'm excited to make more new friends.
awkward and awesome:
  • last night my boyfriend neil diamond was on american idol. [so was reba, who i also love.] ken and i were so excited about this. i said to ken, i love neil diamond so much. matthew yelled from his room, 'is he mormon?' i responded, 'no, he's jewish. that's why we aren't married.' matthew yelled back, 'awkward!' but ken and i laughed and he may or may not have called me shallow again.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

awkward and awesome


  • there is something inside my keyboard under the space bar. probably cookie crumbs from someone who promises they never eat at the computer.
  • it's an awkward feeling to have a 4 minute reunion with someone you haven't seen or spoken to in almost 2 years, and a different feeling - yet still kind of awkward - when you realize are okay with whole situation. 

  • i made two dresses for anna this week and a skirt for nicole. i have two more cut out and ready to sew when i find a minute - or an hour.
  • my petunias are blooming.
  • summer vacation is a month away.
  • graveyard shift
  • tutu dresses. i want one. okay, not really, but anna looks really cute in them.
awkward and awesome:
  • last night my friend lara and i were 'helping' our friend amy set up a children's obstacle course. she has two nylon tubes the children had to crawl through. we didn't think we would be able to crawl through them, so before we tried, we put them on like dresses. amy walked in just as i was pulling mine on. i felt awkward. the look on amy's face was awesome. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

pronunciation lesson

today i was talking to a person who i have known for 2 years. they can not say my name correctly. after two years. this annoys me. a lot. so here is your lesson for the day.

dedra: dee-druh


the end.
said, dedra

Sunday, May 13, 2012

how to get lost in an elevator.

  1. get on the elevator with 6 or 7 other people. [for example, ken and me, the shoops, the martins and carie warren.]
  2. be confused about what floor you are on so just push level 1.
  3. ride the elevator to floor one, be surprised when you aren't on the exit level, but be in aww as you behold fred flinstones' car.
  4. wait for the elevator to close, ride to the next level, which happens to be the floor you were on in the first place.
  5. when the doors open, be surprised you are back where you started.
  6. laugh at your awesomeness.
  7. before the doors close again, have someone from the party [for example, april hoeveler] press the 'down' button by their own free will and choice.
  8. go the next level, hoping it's the one you need to leave the building.
  9. doors open. it is not.
  10. laugh some more.
  11. discuss what the 'p' with the star means.
  12. decide it means poop.
  13. laugh some more.
  14. close the doors, see where you end up next.
  15. level 2! again!
  16. thank you april.
  17. laugh some more.
  18. press the poop level.
  19. see where the elevator takes you.
  20. doors open, it's dark now so you may not be so sure, but alas, it is the exit.
  21. laugh your way out of the building.
  22. the perfect end to the perfect night.
  23. be jealous you weren't in our elevator. it was a party.

Dear Madre,

Happy Mother's Day. You've been on my mind a lot lately and I thought today would be the perfect time to sit down and write you this letter.

Today in church I didn't have the desire to shoot the speakers with my super soaker. I call that progress. I was trying to think of a way to honor you today because I obviously can't call you, so I wore your jewelry. The same necklace and earrings you are wearing in the picture that hangs on my wall which I look at everyday.

The primary children sang Mother Tell Me a Story and Mother Dear today. Both songs were beautiful. I played for them. I was going to back out and my friend, Amy said she'd play for me, but I got brave this morning. Maybe it was because you were near. I played I Often Go Walking as prelude while the children got on the stand and I embellished it the way you taught me. I guess you wouldn't know, but I'm in the primary presidency again. 2nd counselor - third time in 8 years.

Do you remember me telling you about my friend Kate who also lives in Butler, PA? She came to visit last year and we have become the best of friends. We talk on the phone all the time, do projects together [through the mail] and make fun of each other. The only problem is she doesn't live down the street, but I'm planning a trip to Pittsburgh to see her and she's coming out west this summer as well. I think you would really love her.

I never got to tell you Ken got the job and we were moving home, but he did. The very day you left us. We moved here three months later. We've been in this house for two weeks shy of two years and you've never even been here. It's a great layout and you can't see the kitchen from the door. I think you would really love it. I also have an awesome kitchen counter. You would have loved it for the candy but I love it for my fabric.

We got rid of Animal. He got fleas. we couldn't get rid of them and after over two months of treating him and then having our house infested with fleas he went away.  I really liked that dog but I don't miss him. Well, maybe I do. He came to mind when I was thinking about what I would tell you if you were here.

I'm working full time graveyard shifts right now and I really love it. I work with developmentally delayed adults and it is so rewarding. My favorite clients have down syndrome. I have always loved DS people, but you already know that.

The kids are doing so great! I can't believe how they're growing.
Nicole is in 8th grade, in public school. She was home schooled for 7th grade and really thrived. She will be 14 in just a couple months. She's in the class presidency as church and it has been really neat to see her testimony grow. Her leaders are awesome so she has great examples to follow.

I asked her today if there was anything she would tell you if she could and she said she'd tell you she took an art class in 8th grade. Pottery was her favorite medium.  She made a mug and a high healed shoe. Both are on display in her room.
Matthew is already twelve, but he'll be thirteen in three weeks. He got braces. In fact, he will probably get them off this year, in the fall.

We but heads all the time, we are too much alike. I am following your advice to be consistent though and I see glimpses of it paying off. He loves passing the sacrament and he's a first class boy scout. He should be ranking up in the next month or so.He hopes to be Eagle when he's 14 and it is totally doable.

Matthew wanted me to let you know he has been taking flight lessons and he finished ground school. The boy still loves airplanes.
 You never got to meet Anna. We are adopting her. We met her through the Rasmussen's and she is awesome. She's been a member of the family since November 17, 2010. She looks like the big kids, doesn't she?

Anna is 5 years old and will be 6 in July. She loves baby dolls and dress up. She is in Kindergarten and wanted me to let you she thinks school is really fun.

Here we are this morning before church. Both the big kids are taller than me now. Neither Nicole or Anna could find anything to wear this morning and a lot of Anna's dresses are too short so I made both their outfits this morning...Nicole's skirt and Anna's dress.

Thank you for teaching me how to sew. It's one of my favorite past times.

We had our family pictures taken last October and Dad joined us so we could get three generation photos. Since you couldn't be there, I brought the blanket you gave me when Grandma Price died and we used in the shots. That silly blanket make me and Dad cry but I'm sure glad it's in there. It made me feel like there were two more generations beyond yours present that day.

*my kids didn't cooperate for a lot of these shots but this one is alright.

So I guess that's it for now. I hope you are doing well. Give Grandma Price, Shirla, Grandpa Calaway, Lyn and Robert a hug for me. I miss all of you, especially you, today. I know you're doing well though.

I love you,

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


  • I was 100% certain I knew which direction our house faced, which means I also knew where the church was and where our friends live, while sitting in my living room. I was certainly 100% wrong. I couldn't have been more turned around.
  • turned around...that sounds like improper English.
  • My cutter at Hancock Fabric today.  The two cutters were taking turns ringing up purchases. While my cutter finished up my order he told me he was refusing to ring anyone else up. He said he'd hide under the cutting table before he had to ring up another fabric purchase.  {Hey fabric dude, maybe you shouldn't be a fabric dude anymore!}
  • This guy. I really like him a lot. It may be getting serious.

  • These little blocks! Look how smart they are. 6 1/2" 36 patch blocks.

 This pun cushion is finished at 2 1/2" square and that 9 patch is only 1". I love it so much!
  • So, last week I mentioned I was getting my house staged because our landlord wants to sell it. He has since decided to refinance the house and because of that, he can't sell it for at least 2 years. We don't have to move! Don't worry Amy, Matthew can still walk Tyler to school next year. :)
  • Spencer is out of the hospital and at home with his family.
  • Choco Tacos. delish!
  • Today at Hancock Fabric, I bought three cuts of fabric that had between 12 and 15" left over as remnants. My cutter didn't feel like doing to math to discount them so he gave them to me for free. More than a yard of free fabric!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Idea - Bad Idea

Good Idea: Waking up and getting ready for school, even when your mom is at work.
Bad Idea: refusing to let your sister fix your hair and then apply her makeup after she goes to school.
Result: Anna looked 'pretty' today. It is actually reminiscent of me in 2nd grade.

Good Idea: 36 patch quilts using 2 1/2 inch quilt blocks. awesome!
Bad Idea Mine and Kate's Idea: 36 patch quilts using 11/2 inch quilt blocks. awesome! and a little tough. The finished raw size is 6 1/2 inches, quilted is 6".

Good Idea: Reading a good book
Good Idea: Checking out a book from the library
Better Idea: Letting me borrow a book from you which you deliver to my house. 31 dates in 31 days? Do you have it? May I borrow it? It's not available at the library yet. boo on the library
Fact: I don't like going to the library.

Good Idea: Writing a blog.
Better Idea: Doing the 30 day blog challenge:
Both Ideas combined: RYAN! Write your blog and do the challenge!
Bad Idea: Having a lame blog.

Good Idea: Vacation!
Bad Idea: Start to type the word vacation and then do not pay attention, think about something else and end up with the word vaccination.
Fact: guilty.
Fact: I can't remember what I was going to write after vacation because the thought of vaccinations totally threw me off.

Have you gotten your rabies shot yet? 
I need Ritalin.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Memory Momday

I can remember a few very pivotal moments in my life, stemming from conversations I'd had with my Mom. These conversations always started with, 'Do you want to hear something really sad?'

#1 January 1994
Mom: Do you want to hear something really sad?
Me: What?!
Mom: Shirla is dying of cancer.
Me: What?! What's wrong with her? What kind of cancer? Are they sure?
Mom: answered the above questions. I don't remember any of them.

Shirla died that summer. I couldn't believe it. I really thought she'd get better.

#2 Mother's Day 2000 {maybe 2001}
Mom: Do you want to something really sad?
Me: What?!
Mom: Brenda has cancer.

Me: What?! What's wrong with her? What kind of cancer? Are they sure?
Mom: answered the above questions. I don't remember any of them.

Brenda died on Christmas Eve. I couldn't believe it. I really thought she'd get better.

#2 September 2006

Mom: Do you want to something really sad?
Me: What?!
Mom: Dave Graves is dying of cancer.

Me: What?! What's wrong with him? What kind of cancer? Are they sure?
Mom: answered the above questions. I don't remember any of them.

Dave died in October. I couldn't believe it. I really thought he'd get better.


Not that happy of a memory Monday is it? Well, like always I have written this post for a specific reason. Sadly, it's not because I miss the three people mentioned above all the time, which I do on a regular basis.

Me: Dear reader, do you want to hear some really sad news?
Me: Spencer's cancer is back. It has metastasized.
Me: I really really really want him to get better.

I. Am. So. Sad.

I'm sad for Spencer. [Recneps]
I'm sad for Gina. [Anig]
I'm sad for Spencer's family.
I'm sad for my kids.
I'm sad for myself.

I. Am. So. Sad.

Gina and Spencer, I love you both so much. I'm praying for the whole situation.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Rest of the Story...

I miss Paul Harvey.  sigh..

Okay. I think every person has a story where they took the uber scenic route to solve a simple problem.

We have a friend {Vaughn Nelson} who went to start a load of laundry when he was newly married.  When the washer wouldn't start, he took the whole machine apart and then realized you have to pull the knob out to get it to start. After he rebuilt the entire washer it, he pulled the knob and did his laundry. Bless his heart, he didn't know what my 5 year old does.

Our Stake President told us a story about his ceiling fan not working.  He didn't take the entire thing apart, but did red tape it so no one would use it. After praying about it, he realized he needed to put his glasses on and then he was able to see some of the screws needed tightened.  His fan works. I shall refrain from saying Bless his heart. :)

So, here's the back story and the rest of it too.

Approximately 5 weeks ago, Ken got a new cell phone. When we were declining all the extras which Verizon wanted to sell us, we also declined insurance.

Fast forward to last Thursday, a week ago yesterday. We went to a ward party and then Ken and I dropped our kids off at home and went on a date. Before we left the restaurant, Ken needed to use the bathroom. He was gone longer than normal and I was worried he was sick. He came back a little troubled, confirming my suspicion, but instead of saying he needed to get home right away, he said, 'Please tell me we have insurance on my phone.' I immediately said either poop or crap, then told him we declined it. He put his phone on the table and told me he dropped it in the toilet. I asked him when. He said just now. I clarified my question by asking if the toilet had been flushed. He said...  no.  poop. for real this time.

We hurried home to go on YouTube and figure out what we needed to do before putting the phone in rice and while Ken was watching YouTube, I was texting my friend, Amy about Ken's poopy luck.

Ken made the choice to drop the phone, still intact, into the rice. {This is not following the directions of the YouTube video BTW}

The next day, he could get the phone to power up, but the screen was dark. I borrowed some teeny tiny screwdrivers from Vaughn and Amy and went to work getting the phone opened so we could dry it out. Matthew and I got the first screw out of the phone in about 30 minutes. {They were phillips screwdrivers and it was a 5 point start screw.} I told Matthew to be very careful because we did not want to *strip the screw. When the first screw came out, the screen brightened back up.

I left for a walk, he called me a little bit later and told me he couldn't get the other screw out and went to school. I came back home, looked at the phone and saw that he had indeed *stripped the screw. poop.

I went to Verizon and they could do nothing.

His phone was working so we didn't worry too much. That evening Matthew and I were playing multiplayer doodle jump and then Ken had to go on a removal. Matthew went with him and just as they were leaving, the phone went dark again. Ken blamed it on me and Matthew for playing doodle jump.

I told him there was probably nothing we could do about it, but the next evening we went over to Vaughn and Amy's so Vaughn could try to get Ken's phone working.

Vaughn immediately noticed that *the screw was stripped and after many 'That's what she said' jokes, Vaughn told Ken his other options.  They chose to drill out of the *stripped screw. It took Vaughn about 20 minutes to get the screw out, then he took the phone apart to get to the screen. Vaughn noticed he could see the screen lit up very dimly, so he got about 6 different flashlights to try to see the screen because he thought maybe he could adjust the brightness and the phone would be good as new [besides the fact it had rendezvoused with feces].

None of the flashlights proved strong enough, then Vaughn got an idea. Hook the phone up to iTunes. It will show where all the apps are he can get to the settings.

This part took about 45 seconds, Vaughn adjusted the brightness, put all the pieces back together again and the phone works just fine.

This whole time, Amy and I were eating brownies, making inappropriate comments about the *stripped screw and playing draw something. It was hilarious and what not. That's what she said.

So to recap:

  • Ken declined insurance on his phone.
  • Less than 30 days later is fell in the toilet.
  • He dropped the whole phone in rice.
  • The screen went dark.
  • We got one screw out
  • Matthew *stripped the other screw.
  • The screen went dark again.
  • Vaughn drilled out the screw.
  • He took the whole phone apart to get to the screen.
  • He could see icons on the screen.
  • He found about 6 flashlights
  • He connected the phone to iTunes.
  • He adjusted the brightness.
  • He put the phone back together.
  • It is as good as new and has been to a poo poo party.
I've taken the liberty to highlight the 'scenic route' portion of this adventure. We did have to take the screws out in the first place because the screen was dark and it wasn't the settings.

Just so you know, Ken used the most powerful disinfectants to sanitize his phone and phone cover, which he got from the funeral home. Yes the phone is working finally. But none of these things matter when I see him put his poopoo phone up to his face.

Also, after this ordeal, Matthew admitted to Ken that he adjusted the brightness after our games of doodle jump.

So there you have it. The rest of the story.

{This is a clean version - redramatization.}

*That's what she said.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awkward and Awesome.


  • Dropping your cell phone in the toilet...post business. No, it wasn't me, but I know who it was. gross/
  • 2 1/2 minute butt dial voice messages. He claims it was an accident...this time.
  • A few months back while my friend was driving Anna home from school, the three kiddos were talking in the back of the van. Henry who was 3 at the time said something and then Anna, said to him. 'Henwe, you tawk weeod.' {Henry, you talk weird.} Hilarious. Hello kettle, you are black.
  • Nicole and I went to the church last night to practice the {in tune} piano. She wanted to play the piano with me so I played 'I am a child of God' in the children's song book and she learned the descant. It was pretty and a really neat moment.
  • I have made dinner every night this week and none of those meals have been cereal or frozen pizza. 
  • I have learned how to check out books from the library on my kindle. Super exciting. I love it.
  • Ken is making me johnsonville brawts for lunch. He's a keeper.
  • I recently read a book called, 'I Can't Keep My Own Secret's' which contains many 6 word biographies from teens across the nation. I have found myself thinking 6 words a time. I also told my brother we were going to write a book at Ensign Ranch this year and he wrote his memoir right then. "I'm awesome all around, oh yeah." I counter with, "I'm cooler than my brother, Ryan."  Try it. Make your 6 word memoir. It is so fun.
Sometimes writing a blog completes me. { <--- 6 words}
So does diet pepsi.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Diamond in the Rough quilt pattern tutorial.

written {and named} by moi for a queen sized quilt.

Here is what we need...

Black- 5.25 yards {I used grey in the pattern so I could see the lines. You are free to use any color you choose and scheme you want. This pattern is for a quilt swap with my bff, so we will be using this pattern/color scheme.}
Red- 3 11" squares
Orange- 6 11" squares
Yellow- 8 11" squares
Green- 10 11" squares
Turquoise- 12 11" squares
Blue- 8 11" squares
Purple- 5 11" squares
1 yard for binding
1 king sized sheet for the back.

Batting for an 86" x 105" quilt. (queen size)

Draw a line diagonally through each of the colored squares of fabric on the back side.
Sew each colored square to a black square, front sides together, 1/4" from the drawn line, on both sides.
Cut each square in half diagonally down the center line.
Open and press each of your 104 HST.
Square up to be 10" blocks.
Arrange according to the pattern above. {Or make one of your own}
Make all your seams 1/4"
Make a 'quilt sandwich' with your sheet, batting and quilt top.
Pin and machine quilt, or tie it. I don't judge.

This pattern was inspired by this quilt.
Please let me know if you see a mistake.
If you choose to make this quilt, please give credit where credit is due. I'd love to see your finished project. comment with a link to the photo.
I have posted this onto http://okiedokieqbs.blogspot.com/ as well.

Dude! I wrote a tutorial!

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