Sunday, May 13, 2012

how to get lost in an elevator.

  1. get on the elevator with 6 or 7 other people. [for example, ken and me, the shoops, the martins and carie warren.]
  2. be confused about what floor you are on so just push level 1.
  3. ride the elevator to floor one, be surprised when you aren't on the exit level, but be in aww as you behold fred flinstones' car.
  4. wait for the elevator to close, ride to the next level, which happens to be the floor you were on in the first place.
  5. when the doors open, be surprised you are back where you started.
  6. laugh at your awesomeness.
  7. before the doors close again, have someone from the party [for example, april hoeveler] press the 'down' button by their own free will and choice.
  8. go the next level, hoping it's the one you need to leave the building.
  9. doors open. it is not.
  10. laugh some more.
  11. discuss what the 'p' with the star means.
  12. decide it means poop.
  13. laugh some more.
  14. close the doors, see where you end up next.
  15. level 2! again!
  16. thank you april.
  17. laugh some more.
  18. press the poop level.
  19. see where the elevator takes you.
  20. doors open, it's dark now so you may not be so sure, but alas, it is the exit.
  21. laugh your way out of the building.
  22. the perfect end to the perfect night.
  23. be jealous you weren't in our elevator. it was a party.

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Hoovy4 said...

I'm so glad I added to your adventure!

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