Wednesday, May 30, 2012

this and that

here's what's going on around here:

  • matthew is turning 13 on sunday.
  • anna's adoption papers were filed with the court...today!!!
  • i am leaving for utah in the morning. dad and i are driving down. my sister, gina, is taking out her endowment and i will escort her. this is a plan 15 years in the making.
  • ken got new glasses.
  • nicole is almost done with her yw personal progress.
  • my house is clean and ready for me to leave to town.
  • i hate cats.
  • tulips are my favorite flower.
  • i like red curry better than yellow.
  • i can see i've digressed from telling you about our goings on.
  • my kids are all fired for various different reasons.
  • did i mention i'm going to take sewing lessons? so exciting!
  • i'm tired of draw something. if we are playing together, this is why i haven't taken a turn in a while. i'm bored.
  • i like sour cream lemon pie.
  • our weekend mailman is a liar.
  • here is a very good video from youtube.

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