Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Diamond in the Rough quilt pattern tutorial.

written {and named} by moi for a queen sized quilt.

Here is what we need...

Black- 5.25 yards {I used grey in the pattern so I could see the lines. You are free to use any color you choose and scheme you want. This pattern is for a quilt swap with my bff, so we will be using this pattern/color scheme.}
Red- 3 11" squares
Orange- 6 11" squares
Yellow- 8 11" squares
Green- 10 11" squares
Turquoise- 12 11" squares
Blue- 8 11" squares
Purple- 5 11" squares
1 yard for binding
1 king sized sheet for the back.

Batting for an 86" x 105" quilt. (queen size)

Draw a line diagonally through each of the colored squares of fabric on the back side.
Sew each colored square to a black square, front sides together, 1/4" from the drawn line, on both sides.
Cut each square in half diagonally down the center line.
Open and press each of your 104 HST.
Square up to be 10" blocks.
Arrange according to the pattern above. {Or make one of your own}
Make all your seams 1/4"
Make a 'quilt sandwich' with your sheet, batting and quilt top.
Pin and machine quilt, or tie it. I don't judge.

This pattern was inspired by this quilt.
Please let me know if you see a mistake.
If you choose to make this quilt, please give credit where credit is due. I'd love to see your finished project. comment with a link to the photo.
I have posted this onto http://okiedokieqbs.blogspot.com/ as well.

Dude! I wrote a tutorial!

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Kate said...

is this a pattern or a tutorial? :) i am excited to do this and wish to ship the kids off until it is done.

do you want visitors??? :)

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