Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear Madre,

Happy Mother's Day. You've been on my mind a lot lately and I thought today would be the perfect time to sit down and write you this letter.

Today in church I didn't have the desire to shoot the speakers with my super soaker. I call that progress. I was trying to think of a way to honor you today because I obviously can't call you, so I wore your jewelry. The same necklace and earrings you are wearing in the picture that hangs on my wall which I look at everyday.

The primary children sang Mother Tell Me a Story and Mother Dear today. Both songs were beautiful. I played for them. I was going to back out and my friend, Amy said she'd play for me, but I got brave this morning. Maybe it was because you were near. I played I Often Go Walking as prelude while the children got on the stand and I embellished it the way you taught me. I guess you wouldn't know, but I'm in the primary presidency again. 2nd counselor - third time in 8 years.

Do you remember me telling you about my friend Kate who also lives in Butler, PA? She came to visit last year and we have become the best of friends. We talk on the phone all the time, do projects together [through the mail] and make fun of each other. The only problem is she doesn't live down the street, but I'm planning a trip to Pittsburgh to see her and she's coming out west this summer as well. I think you would really love her.

I never got to tell you Ken got the job and we were moving home, but he did. The very day you left us. We moved here three months later. We've been in this house for two weeks shy of two years and you've never even been here. It's a great layout and you can't see the kitchen from the door. I think you would really love it. I also have an awesome kitchen counter. You would have loved it for the candy but I love it for my fabric.

We got rid of Animal. He got fleas. we couldn't get rid of them and after over two months of treating him and then having our house infested with fleas he went away.  I really liked that dog but I don't miss him. Well, maybe I do. He came to mind when I was thinking about what I would tell you if you were here.

I'm working full time graveyard shifts right now and I really love it. I work with developmentally delayed adults and it is so rewarding. My favorite clients have down syndrome. I have always loved DS people, but you already know that.

The kids are doing so great! I can't believe how they're growing.
Nicole is in 8th grade, in public school. She was home schooled for 7th grade and really thrived. She will be 14 in just a couple months. She's in the class presidency as church and it has been really neat to see her testimony grow. Her leaders are awesome so she has great examples to follow.

I asked her today if there was anything she would tell you if she could and she said she'd tell you she took an art class in 8th grade. Pottery was her favorite medium.  She made a mug and a high healed shoe. Both are on display in her room.
Matthew is already twelve, but he'll be thirteen in three weeks. He got braces. In fact, he will probably get them off this year, in the fall.

We but heads all the time, we are too much alike. I am following your advice to be consistent though and I see glimpses of it paying off. He loves passing the sacrament and he's a first class boy scout. He should be ranking up in the next month or so.He hopes to be Eagle when he's 14 and it is totally doable.

Matthew wanted me to let you know he has been taking flight lessons and he finished ground school. The boy still loves airplanes.
 You never got to meet Anna. We are adopting her. We met her through the Rasmussen's and she is awesome. She's been a member of the family since November 17, 2010. She looks like the big kids, doesn't she?

Anna is 5 years old and will be 6 in July. She loves baby dolls and dress up. She is in Kindergarten and wanted me to let you she thinks school is really fun.

Here we are this morning before church. Both the big kids are taller than me now. Neither Nicole or Anna could find anything to wear this morning and a lot of Anna's dresses are too short so I made both their outfits this morning...Nicole's skirt and Anna's dress.

Thank you for teaching me how to sew. It's one of my favorite past times.

We had our family pictures taken last October and Dad joined us so we could get three generation photos. Since you couldn't be there, I brought the blanket you gave me when Grandma Price died and we used in the shots. That silly blanket make me and Dad cry but I'm sure glad it's in there. It made me feel like there were two more generations beyond yours present that day.

*my kids didn't cooperate for a lot of these shots but this one is alright.

So I guess that's it for now. I hope you are doing well. Give Grandma Price, Shirla, Grandpa Calaway, Lyn and Robert a hug for me. I miss all of you, especially you, today. I know you're doing well though.

I love you,


Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Beautiful, thinking if you today ;)

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

OF you ;)

Kate said...

love this. I sure wish I would have known your mom. Although, I am pretty sure we may not have gotten along since she liked to kill cats. :) maybe I could see past that though. heh heh.

wonderful post, my friend. :)

Hoovy4 said...

Dang you! I thought I was done with crying for the day.
Beautiful letter. The picture with your dad and the blanket is what did me in.

Ryan Anderson said...

I woulod not say she liked to kill cats, but she did not turn down the oportunity when it came by. ALso did you photo shop Anna in to those photos because she looks exactly the same in both pictures.

It is a very nice letter.


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