Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Idea - Bad Idea

Good Idea: Waking up and getting ready for school, even when your mom is at work.
Bad Idea: refusing to let your sister fix your hair and then apply her makeup after she goes to school.
Result: Anna looked 'pretty' today. It is actually reminiscent of me in 2nd grade.

Good Idea: 36 patch quilts using 2 1/2 inch quilt blocks. awesome!
Bad Idea Mine and Kate's Idea: 36 patch quilts using 11/2 inch quilt blocks. awesome! and a little tough. The finished raw size is 6 1/2 inches, quilted is 6".

Good Idea: Reading a good book
Good Idea: Checking out a book from the library
Better Idea: Letting me borrow a book from you which you deliver to my house. 31 dates in 31 days? Do you have it? May I borrow it? It's not available at the library yet. boo on the library
Fact: I don't like going to the library.

Good Idea: Writing a blog.
Better Idea: Doing the 30 day blog challenge:
Both Ideas combined: RYAN! Write your blog and do the challenge!
Bad Idea: Having a lame blog.

Good Idea: Vacation!
Bad Idea: Start to type the word vacation and then do not pay attention, think about something else and end up with the word vaccination.
Fact: guilty.
Fact: I can't remember what I was going to write after vacation because the thought of vaccinations totally threw me off.

Have you gotten your rabies shot yet? 
I need Ritalin.

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