Thursday, May 17, 2012

awkward and awesome


  • there is something inside my keyboard under the space bar. probably cookie crumbs from someone who promises they never eat at the computer.
  • it's an awkward feeling to have a 4 minute reunion with someone you haven't seen or spoken to in almost 2 years, and a different feeling - yet still kind of awkward - when you realize are okay with whole situation. 

  • i made two dresses for anna this week and a skirt for nicole. i have two more cut out and ready to sew when i find a minute - or an hour.
  • my petunias are blooming.
  • summer vacation is a month away.
  • graveyard shift
  • tutu dresses. i want one. okay, not really, but anna looks really cute in them.
awkward and awesome:
  • last night my friend lara and i were 'helping' our friend amy set up a children's obstacle course. she has two nylon tubes the children had to crawl through. we didn't think we would be able to crawl through them, so before we tried, we put them on like dresses. amy walked in just as i was pulling mine on. i felt awkward. the look on amy's face was awesome. 


Hoovy4 said...

You two look awksome!!

Amy N. said...

I'm still laughing at that.

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