Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awkward and Awesome.


  • Dropping your cell phone in the toilet...post business. No, it wasn't me, but I know who it was. gross/
  • 2 1/2 minute butt dial voice messages. He claims it was an accident...this time.
  • A few months back while my friend was driving Anna home from school, the three kiddos were talking in the back of the van. Henry who was 3 at the time said something and then Anna, said to him. 'Henwe, you tawk weeod.' {Henry, you talk weird.} Hilarious. Hello kettle, you are black.
  • Nicole and I went to the church last night to practice the {in tune} piano. She wanted to play the piano with me so I played 'I am a child of God' in the children's song book and she learned the descant. It was pretty and a really neat moment.
  • I have made dinner every night this week and none of those meals have been cereal or frozen pizza. 
  • I have learned how to check out books from the library on my kindle. Super exciting. I love it.
  • Ken is making me johnsonville brawts for lunch. He's a keeper.
  • I recently read a book called, 'I Can't Keep My Own Secret's' which contains many 6 word biographies from teens across the nation. I have found myself thinking 6 words a time. I also told my brother we were going to write a book at Ensign Ranch this year and he wrote his memoir right then. "I'm awesome all around, oh yeah." I counter with, "I'm cooler than my brother, Ryan."  Try it. Make your 6 word memoir. It is so fun.
Sometimes writing a blog completes me. { <--- 6 words}
So does diet pepsi.


Amy N. said...

That was hilarious when Anna said that. It still makes me laugh.

I can't believe that one line in awkward is all that cell phone story is getting when it's worth so much more.

6 words:
I can moonwalk, but it's pointless.
I have to pee, right now.
Sometimes, I like to sleep in.
Yes, chocolate is a food group.

Kristi said...

I knew someone who dropped their phone in the toilet as it was flushing. The phone still worked - they could hear it ringing and receiving texts from the u-bend. That is kind of awkward and awesome. Even better - it was the bishop's daughter - so everyone in the ward knew about it.

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