Tuesday, May 29, 2012

good idea - bad idea

good idea: having a girl's night.
better idea: having an impromptu girls night.
*it's too bad you can't plan for those!
*we have a set of blocks on top of our entertainment center that says 'family'. most of the time it reads 'fail'. by looking at the picture below, can you guess one of the ladies who was at my house this week?

good idea: learning to sew.
bad idea: not knowing everything there is to know about your sewing machine. it may be really fancy!
good idea: i am going to take sewing lessons from a local shop. they are inexpensive and i'm going to learn. a lot.

good idea: do your personal progress.
bad idea: putting of your personal progress until it feels too late to accomplish.
*nicole finished her last value experiences this weekend and now only had her projects left to finish up. she is hoping to be done by her 14th birthday. i'm really excited for her. she's a great example to me.

bad idea: curbing your tire.
*my friend's daughter curbed her tire yesterday. below is the picture. my mom always told us if we were going to do something, we should do it all the way...do our best. my response to melissa was, if you're going to curb your tire, do it all the way! well done.

ps, i stole this picture from donna.
*my mom also told us sometimes it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission...sorry donna?


Amy N. said...

Ladies night out = best night ever

Thanks for letting us crash your party!

Donna Shoop said...

Haha... Where's the good idea to that part?

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