Sunday, May 25, 2014

Confessions From a Church Pew

In my life I have:

  • gotten the attention of a sibling or child by tapping them with a sacrament tray.
  • pinched a child to make them cry so I could leave the meeting.
  • worn two different shoes to church, three weeks in a row.
  • made up my own words or sang my own tune to hymns being sung during sacrament meeting.
  • taken two pieces of bread smushed together. (I was a young child, but I did it every week for a year or so. I never got caught.)
  • cried while someone shared a happy story from the pulpit.
  • laughed while someone shared a sad story from the pulpit.
  • eaten all the treats I brought to church for my children to eat.
  • removed that child from a meeting.  You know the one, the parent takes their child out while he is yelling for the Bishop to save him.
  • witnessed people making out or come close to making out during church.
  • watched a Deacon eat more sacrament bread from his tray than he passed out...week after week. (He had special needs.)
  • heard a soda can opening during a quiet--serious part of fast and testimony meeting.
  • heard Amazing Grace sung acapella from the pulpit as a testimony after the singer declared the Holy Spirit had taken him over. (It was AWESOME btw.)
  • held an 18 month old in my lap while he slammed his head into the pew in front of him repeatedly.
  • never slept through a meeting since I was old enough to stay awake. (age 29 was the magic age.)
  • driven to church when I lived three blocks and walked when I was over a mile.
  • had a lot of good laughs while thinking to myself and silently thanking Heavenly Father "I'm glad that's not my child."

Friday, May 23, 2014

Finish It Up Friday....Backlogged.

I've had a few finishes over the past few weeks but I keep on forgetting to blog about them. So here goes, a photo dump of things I've made. At the time of construction, I felt they were each worthy projects to complete instead of doing household chores.

I love this scrappy little apron. I've worn it almost everyday since I finished it.

My Dad chose this bright orange fabric and I told him he will look like an inmate if he wears it. What better inmate to advertise than Jean Val Jean. Who is he? 24601. Also, take special note of my cooperative model. I love her.

My cooperative model is more cooperative when she is showing off something for herself. 

We had a service auction for our Relief Society Meeting this month and it was AWESOME. This is one of the blankets I made. I had so much fun going through my fabric and using up some of the stuff I'd been hoarding saving for a good unknown cause, as well as using up stuff I received recently in the mail from Kate. I also loved that I didn't have to go to the store for one thing to complete the items I donated.

Nicole grew tired of her school backpack.  This bag is a lot bigger than it looks. Notice it's almost as wide as two leaves in our table.

Another item for the service auction.

A Wristlet keychain, copycat from Thirty-one gifts. I love how scrappy it is.

Another Service Auction item.
That's enough for one post. I've been sewing a lot lately. It's keeping me from eating chocolate in my closet, taking long naps, and going totally crazy. Sometimes that happens. All in a day. Maybe for weeks at a time.   This post brought to you by Diet Pepsi and Night Time Sleep Aids. Not at the same time.

Also, just for fun, here are a few funny things I've seen on Pinterest lately.

Enjoy your day and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Now go clean someone's grave off.

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