Wednesday, May 16, 2012

pronunciation lesson

today i was talking to a person who i have known for 2 years. they can not say my name correctly. after two years. this annoys me. a lot. so here is your lesson for the day.

dedra: dee-druh


the end.
said, dedra


Amy N. said...

I have so many more was to annoy you now.

It's not Neltson - there is no T in Nelson.

Kate said...

our bishop called us the Johnstons. with emphasis on the T. (it is Johnson, mot johnston.) he isnt our bishop anymore, and still calls us that. No need for first names, just a "Good on ya, Johnston!" or "hey there little Johnst! (sometimes he didnt even finish our fake last name.)

so, Derdra, my friend, for your next lesson please explain that your last name isn't pronounced like Dick Cheney? :)

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