Saturday, May 26, 2012

it wasn't even planned!

last night ken and i had our friends over for dinner. although we were excited about having them, we didn't know how late the evening was going to last. ken didn't get home until after craig and carie arrived at 6pm and craig got called into work around 7:15. luckily they came in two cars so carie didn't have to leave, and her boys could continue playing with matthew.

the three adults we playing ticket to ride when my friend amy called. 'do you want to go to target with me?' hold on, let me check. i ask carie if she wants to go to target. [of course we do!] i tell her yes, ask if i can invite my friend, she wants to know who my friend is, so i tell her, and of course she says yes. [we are all in the same ward.]

ken, carie and i finish playing ticket to ride while we wait for amy to get here. when she does arrive, she walks right in and goes to straight to the kitchen to eat our food which wasn't put away yet. [on a different note, i can't tell you how happy i am that i have friends who know it's okay for them to do that. if you leave my home hungry, it is your own fault.]

carie and i win ticket to ride, [epic tie] i go change out of my pajama pants and off to target we head to buy amy's husband fat free fig newtons, deodorant and diapers. [do you like how i wrote that so it appears that vaughn needs diapers? me to.]

this is how amy pushes a cart. 
once we had the things amy needed, we decided to stroll over to the card section and spent an hour reading greeting cards. it was hilarious. who knew you could give a sympathy card to someone who lost a running race and it would be so funny! also, there is a whole section of greeting cards with awkward family photos on the covers. awesome.

so on our way home from target, i asked amy if she wanted to come over and watch you've got mail. she said yes, so this means we are in the full swing of a girl's night. a not even planned girl's night.

this is carie on my bed while the movie started. we sequestered ourselves into my room to give the kids free reign of the house for their nerf war. and to give us a kid free zone.

at 9pm, nicole and anna came home from an activity at the church and brought my friend's two kids home with her. caleb and abby. at 10, dave and april arrived to pick them up and i told nicole to send april to my room. she came in and we invited her to stay and finish watching the movie. a few minutes later, dave was taking the kids home and we had another edition to our party.

one requisite for a girls night? chocolate.

we finished off a grasshopper pie. it was left over from dinner and it was delish.
in the natural course of the evening, it was time to pull out the mustaches. do you like my pirate patch? me to. ps, i look like a photo bomber, which makes this photo even better.
 this is how you know it was time to put the mustaches away.
you know those scenes from movies when the morning after the party, there are beer bottles everywhere? here is our equivalent. i like the $5 bill in the shot too.
so, the movie ended, it was as good as always, actually--it was better than always because of the awesome company. our impromptu girl's night ended at 11:30 and it was a super fun night. i am so glad it happened the way it did.

thanks ladies!


Amy N. said...

My slow-mo cart running is awesome. You're jealous you didn't think of it.

So much fun.

Hoovy4 said...

Mucho fun! I can't get over how different each of our heads are shaped. (I know, I notice the important details!)

cwarren said...

Friendship defined: when four people can share food out of a pie plate and wipe their mouths on the towel the pie plate is sitting on

Unknown said...

Looks like fun. Sad I missed out on it all. (especially the grass hopper pie)

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