Monday, April 30, 2012

Stuff and Things

Here is a list of things in my head...

  • It's so nice to have full cupboards again. I put off the shopping for about a week too long.
  • I love early bedtime
  • Can't wait for summer break.
  • Nachos are superior.
  • I'm a little fed up with our attorney. He is less than speedy.
  • What do you think Anna is doing?

  • I have no idea.
  • I still can't believe I got my side of the room clean.
  • I have to work in an hour and 10 minute.
  • I'm so excited for girl's camp.
  • My friend came over tonight and gave me a scrubber brush from Disneyland. I love it.
  • I'm sewing another 9 patch quilt because I am covetous of my friend's quilt she just finished.
  • I have a great story for you which will be posted on Friday. Code words are poop, power tools, otter boxes and cell phone. There may be a bonus story about a fan or a washer. You'll have to wait and see. It will be worth tuning in for.
  • I hate cats.
  • Sometimes I like to talk like a robot.
  • beep.
  • We are out of brownie mixes.
  • sad day.
  •  okay, time to go get my bag packed for worky. It's in an hour.


Kate said...

stuff and things are my favorite. Anna is swimming or lawn sky diving.

AmyDawn said...

I love Anna's socks/tights!

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