Thursday, April 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


  • Ken looks prettier in a woman's hat than I do.
  • In Anna's class they have a color system to let the parents know how they are doing in class each day. Green is the best, Yellow means you had a hard time focusing and Red means you got in trouble. The first few days of this system, Anna was a yellow. [What can I say, she's a Cheney. She has things to say to her friends...all the time] We finally told her she was going to start getting in trouble if she couldn't get on the green [at least part of the time.] She has been on green ever since that day. However, when the paper for parent teacher conferences came out, it was printed on a yellow form. Anna has taken to hiding all the yellow papers which are sent home from her school because she thinks they represent her behavior. It is needless to say, I missed her conference? I found the hoard too late. Anna now knows those papers have nothing to do with her behavior.
  • My schedule at work has changed. Although I am still working straight graves, they are security shifts. This means if the clients are asleep and my work for the shift is completed, I can sleep too. It's nice to get a couple hours while at work. It makes coming off the graveyard shift a whole lot easier.
  • I completed 3 quilt tops this week.
  • Chocolate covered strawberries. [awesome and delicious]
  • My plan for my memory Monday [on Monday] it's going to be a mash up and I think I'm completely clever and hilarious.  Of course that last part should probably be listed on the awkward section.
  • Lemon Sour Cream Pie from Shari's. To. Die. For.
Awkward and Awesome:
  • naughty dog

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Vanessa said...

That was a fantastic logic leap for Anna. My kids do that kind of thing and it just throws me for a loop sometimes. But you can see how they get there.Very entertaining.

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