Thursday, April 19, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


  • No filter on the things I say at Relief Society meetings...or the food I allow onto my plate. 
  • Have you ever eaten a wedge salad? I need to perfect my manners for that one.
  • Being shhh'd.
  • Being corrected by a 69 year old man who is developmentally delayed. He was right though!
  • I have been reading books lately that have more suspense than my normal book choices. I find myself scared at weird times, with no warning.  Using the restroom at Walmart, while at work in the middle of the night, at church during a prayer. I have problems. 
  • Our ward choir director, who is a very talented lady, was kind of annoyed on Sunday and gave me a death glare when I didn't find my part. She was so serious, I got the giggles and missed the verse!
  • Lack of comments on this blog. Don't be lame people.


  • My friend April came over twice this week to work on her quilt. She gave me three pairs of socks for helping her. & her quilt is beautiful.
  • Walking with my friend.
  • I don't work Sundays anymore. I get to stay all three hours of church and I get to go to choir again.
  • Draw Something. Play me! My name on there is dedrac4. Let's be friends.

Awkward and Awesome:

  • Our friend, Caleb H. is hanging out with Ken and me while his mom is at mutual. He and Ken are playing Xbox and talking politics. Caleb is winning the argument.  [Awkward for Ken, Awesome for Caleb...and me]


Hoovy4 said...

Yeah for socks and finished quilts and 10 year olds winning political arguments.

Donna Shoop said...

Hahaha! I love it when I know what you are talking about! :)

Bearded Lady said...

I will do drawsomething with you! By the way I forgot to comment on your blog about your feet. I have leather feet as well. It is a great defense against walking outside, leather feet for the win! P.S. I'm Makindoodle so draw something with me! :)

Unknown said...

So glad you able to come to choir again. We missed your voice and sense of humor.

Prism said...

So, if someone (let's say, hypothetically, your cousin) wanted to get in touch with you, to invite you to something mind-meltingly awesome (or at least fun & chocolate laden!) how would that person go about contacting you?

Amy N. said...

Hey, I comment on your posts all the time. And I love playing draw something with you.

You rock.

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