Friday, April 13, 2012

finish it up friday!

I have three finishes this week. They are all quilt tops I started in 2011. By completing these 3 tops and the 1 from last week, it means I only have 1 more quilt top WIP from last year to complete. I have also started quilting one of these tops and I hope to have them all 100% done by the end of the month. How is that for ambition? I'm also excited because I won't need to go to the store to buy batting or fabric to finish any of these. So, here are my three quilt top finishes.

A hexagon lap quilt. I'm backing this with a heavy denim so Anna can play with it outside. I may even tie it. I grew up with tied quilts and as much as I enjoy a beautifully machine quilted blanket, there is something nostalgic about acrylic yard and an ugly crazy quilt. I. Love. It.

I had a name picked out for this one, which I can't remember anymore because I now refer to it as 'the pain the rear quilt.' I have picked out more seams doing this thing than I even care to count. Thank goodness it's pretty. 
 I am using a grey sheet for the back and quilting with yellow thread. Don't be scared of this quilt job, I've also picked out everything I have quilted. Currently, I'm not speaking to this pain in the rear quilt. We will try again next week. Right now it's been shunned to a dark corner.
Lastly, I did a workshop through psiquilt and this is my quilt top finish from that workshop. It's a queen size, measuring in at 88*106. When I think about quilting this, I get heartburn. I may actually pay someone with a long arm to finish it for me.
So those are my finishes. Although the quilts are not finished, I feel victorious because of the amount of sewing I did this week while managing to make dinner each night and not neglect my children.

I'm linking up with CMQ Finish it Friday.


Kate said...

i love love the psiquilt one. I know ive told you that before though. nice job on all of them. the hexagon one makes me want to have a seizure - i have a hate/hate relationship with hexagons. :)

Vanessa said...

I really enjoyed your line about shunning you quilt in a dark corner. It made me smile.

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