Thursday, April 26, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


  • I started this post last week so I'd have a great list and I can't find it now. more lame than awkward.
  • I saw the homeless people on the west side by Red Robin change shifts. There was 4 different dudes and one was giving directions to each of them.
  • I was told I don't do any work at home by one of my children. It was at the end of the day after I'd completed loads of laundry-including mating socks, cleaned the toilets and made a delicious dinner. Earlier that day I'd made a queen sized quilt. I probably could have done more, but I had to sleep because I work the graveyard shift. That child is fired.
  • I am teaching Matthew how to speak while he burps. My grandpa taught me so I'm passing it on. Don't judge. The other night at dinner, Anna gave the prayer. When it was over, Matthew 'said' amen and I looked at him. He looked a little nervous and I said to him, 'Do you want to try that again?' He then said 'Amen.' The next thing I said fits in the 'things I never knew I'd have to say' category. 'It is never appropriate to burp 'amen.'
  • I have two sewing finishes to show off tomorrow and they are fantastic!
  • The guy who owns our house wants to sell it. We do not want to buy it-there are too many problems. I have decided to start staging the house. We will not move until the fall and we will definitely stay in our ward boundaries, hopefully in our same neighborhood. I'm excited about this because I love a good pack job and I love throwing crap away. I told Ken yesterday to start bring home boxes.
  • Girls's Camp. I'm going this year. I went to a meeting on Tuesday night and I had so many ideas I want to do, I could hardly sleep that night. It is going to be awesome.
Awkward and Awesome:
  • I went over to my friends house on Sunday and we had many great laughs from both awkward and awesome conversations.  Key words from said topics were uterus, rationalization, rust, perfect pitch piano teachers, munchies after getting high and the origin of red headed children. Amy and I are going to play a piano duet in August in church. It too may be awkward and awesome. I worry that I will get the giggles while we are playing and we will conclude our piece with a riveting score of heart and soul. We shall see. Either way, she's awesome...and awkward...and humble. She told me herself.


Amy N. said...

We would rock heart and soul.

I'm excited for girls camp! I wish I was one of the girls in your cabin!

I'm finding you a new house that is convenient for me.

Kate said...

I need to know the origin of the red headed child. please inform!!!

Trishelle said...

YAY!! you are going to girl's camp...that is awesome!! They are gonna LOVE you!!

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