Monday, April 16, 2012

a little bit of too much information.

  • Right now my family is having FHE without me. At the movies. 
  • Three things I hate detest don't like hate doing with my children. [I';d rather have a root canal.]
  1. Going to the movies.
  2. Bowling.
  3. Taking them to the park.
  • I wore a pair of socks today. It's the first time in over 3 months. I did not have one clean pair. In fact, I'm wearing Nicole's socks right now. Why you ask? Because she's worn all my socks and has them hidden in a deep dark abyss in her bedroom. They aren't mated and the dirty feet stains don't match the actual pair of socks. I gave her all my socks. Now I'm not upset anymore. I just don't own any socks.
  • Relating to the bullet directly above this one, my feet look just like my mom's. I'm not talking bone structure here. I'm talking about extremely calloused, cracked, and an odd shade of grey - sometimes black heels. They aren't dirty. They are stained and chapped.
  • To remedy the problem above, I have put away my plethora of flip flops [14 pairs in every color], which I wear all year long, and bought 2 pairs of shoes which require me to wear socks. Also, I have a pumice stone. [Are you grossed out yet? No, I didn't take a photo.]
  • I don't own any socks.
  • I feel like I've just written a warped story with the format of if you give a mouse a cookie.
  • I want to paint my living room again. I'm shopping for the perfect color.
  • I bought a bunny. Her name is minion. I gave her to Matthew.
  • Have you watched Sherlock on Netflix? Three episodes made by the BBC. It's mostly awesome.
  • I have gone on a long walk two days in a row. I almost have my quota in for the year.
  • Just kidding Donna.
  • Someone needs to invite me to a girls' night. I'll bring the fondue. Me too lazy to plan my own until my birthday slumber party. 
  • Speaking of my slumber party, I needs to get my invites made. April 24 is my half birthday. 
  • I think that's it. Have a good night.


Hoovy4 said...

Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch? It is Completely Awesome!! Waiting for Season 2.
And related to the Mash-up post:
I sing a version of Hammer Time to my kids when it is time to put on Jammas. I'm sure you can make the connection. They think I am the coolest, and once I showed them the video on youtube, they wanted to buy Dave a pair of Hammer Pants. Because they are "ridiculous" and he would love them!

Dedra C said...

I'd like to buy Dave a pair of hammer pants. Forget matching ties for the EQ pres. They need hammer pants.

Amy N. said...

Um, the EQ needs hammer pants and then we need to have a special ward talent show just to see them perform. I would totally write the ensign to have them put it in their new section.

Also, Dedra, I will have a girls night out with you anytime you want. As long as it involves chocolate.

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