Monday, June 11, 2012

the cool kids

so here's the deal. i am a colossal nerd with serious anxiety about not having friends. sometimes i get in little pitty parties and worry that i don't have a friend in the world, at least not one in my time zone, and then i am humbled by the unadulterated awesomeness that i call, my friends. see a couple examples below. 

this is what happens when ken trusts people with his phone to photograph a ward party. i am truly humbled by their skills.

confession time: i noticed all three of these people on our first sunday in the ward and thought they were funny, but felt sad at the same time that we would never be friends because i'm too nerdy.

i. was. wrong.

they are too nerdy too. bless their hearts.  ken and i think they are awesome.


Amy N. said...

You totally fit in. No joke. We love having you here!

Trishelle said...

LOVE this...It just proves that you and Ken are adorable and will be loved everywhere you go...since your awesome like that and it's how you roll!

Wanna Be said...

Yes!! My mission in life is complete!! I made the blog. I can't wait to tell Chad. Dedra I just love you! And Chad thinks you and Ken are the funniest peeps in the world! So HAPPY you are MY friend...sniff sniff...can I have a tissue?

Unknown said...

I-m not funny and I don't think I'm a nerd. I'm just quiet. But I want in on this group!

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