Wednesday, June 27, 2012

awkward and awesome (wednesday)

  • having a conversation with a women in the stake about some of the youth. her opinion was not positive about all the youth she was speaking of. she seemed stunned when i informed her one of those teenagers was my child. instant backpedaling and made up praises commenced.
  • i have no rhythm. it's a sad sad thing.
  • my child bought two packages of gum yesterday afternoon. it is all gone.
  • ryan. in honor of his awkwardness, i have a little video for you below. click here if you aren't reading this on my blog.
  • the questions i was just asked: 'are there 31 days this year? no, darling child. but there are 30 days in june. said video may or may not apply to my darling child as well.

  • we have a recliner in our living room which i call ken's thinking chair. it doesn't fit in our living room. i want to get rid of it. he gave me permission because he knew i didn't have transportation to haul it.
i. do. now.

  • have you heard the cd's 'joseph: a nashville tribute to the prophet' and 'the work' by the same people? they are awesome. you should buy them for me for my birthday. it's in 118 days. i'll be sweet 35.
  • i'm having a birthday party. it's already in the planning phases. you are probably invited. if you're a girl. or my dad.
  • it may or may not include copious amounts of mod podge.
  • i like crafts.
  • my friend was recently self diagnosed with excessive awesomeness. i have 'your mom-itis.' 
  • they are serious conditions not to be taken lightly. 
  • your mom is a serious condition.
  • i can solve a rubik's cube. 
  • ken and i go on vacation sans children in 141 days. i'm going to create a countdown.
happy wednesday. i hope you're enjoying summer break. we sure are.


Hoovy4 said...

One of my favorite Simpsons bits ever. Dave & _I tell each other that all the time.

Benjamin Draper said...

You want something that is both awkward and awesome?

Awesome is the book I wrote: The Complete Bubby Anthology.

Awkward is that you have yet to review/promote (or de-mote) the book on your blog (or on Amazon.com for that matter)!

Go on, turn that awkward into something awesome!

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