Thursday, June 14, 2012

awkward and awesome


  • being told 'you look tired.'  code for, 'you look like crap.'
  • i'm wearing 5 different colors of clothing. all solids, but they don't necessarily match each other. anna told me i look nice though.
  • being called 'miss' by a teenager.
  • i asked my dad if he had anything to add to my awkward list he said, 'awesome-dad'.
  • themed parties...as long as they aren't awkward.
  •  the kids and i spent last weekend in port townsend with my brother's family and cousin angie's family. it. was. awesome. last saturday was one of my most favorite days of my adult life. 
  • this photo. can someone with photo-shop-ing skills please put an explosion or big fire behind us. i want to be a part of oceans 11. stat. please and thank you. email it to me at dedra.cheney at gmail.

  • school is almost over.
  • matthew put my picture as the background on his cell phone.
  • sometimes anna calls me mother. it sounds like 'moth-oh'.
  • ken. i really like him. a lot.
  • nicole graduated from 8th grade two days ago. she was upset she still had to go to school the rest of the year. i would have been too.
  • dad.
  • the new song by lee brice. see video below or click here for a link straight to youtube.

awkward and awesome:
  • my brother ryan. also lame.

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