Friday, June 15, 2012

let there be light

if you've ever been to my home in the evening you know the lighting in my front room is crappy. and that is putting it kindly. once the sun goes down the room is almost black. 

i have been searching for the perfect light and found out about 6 months ago that it was super super old and was never in style. boo. today i gave up on my search and just bought a kit to make the light style i wanted.

i found a fairly inexpensive light fixture you install into your ceiling and i turned it into a swag light. because i was not exactly sure how the process was going to work i only bought one light. it took me about 30 minutes to build and hang and i am calling it a total success. i'm going to buy another fixture soon and hang a second light above the organ so my front room will not be a black whole.

ken and i can not believe how bright the room is. however, we are not actually sure the light it good. we just know it's a lot better than it has been for two years.

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