Monday, June 25, 2012

stuff and things

  • i made homemade bread tonight.
  • it was delicious.
  • my girls are in bed for the night.
  • my boys are on two removals [picking up dead bodies]
  • i've enjoyed my three days off work. i have to go back in 2 hours.
  • i love texting with my cousin in idaho. she is super fun, but lame for not coming over to eat my bread.
  • don't buy the game piperoll on the iphone. it's lame. and by lame i mean super addicting and a complete time sucker. i'm on level 81. oy.
  • this weekend we joined the minivan club. i don't actually know how i feel about it yet. mostly embarrassed. i have commitment issues when it comes to buying things on credit.
  • it may or may not look like the one below.
  • probably not.
  • i really like the guy in this photo. a lot. he makes my heart smile.

  • girl's camp in in one month. i'm super excited. i will get my work schedule adjusted in the beginning of the month so i can go. one again, i'm super excited!
  • i'm looking forward to attending a sealing this weekend of my friends to their newly adopted baby boy. it's very exciting.
  • i think that is all.


Amy N. said...

What? You bought a mini-van? What did I miss?

I'm totally bummed I'm missing the sealing.

Hoovy4 said...

Well, if you bought a mini-van from your brother and it indeed looks like the one pictured, you're not as smart as I thought you were!

Hills' Angels said...

Where'd they find the dead bodies? Please say on top of a semi. You so funny Dedra.

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