Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a little house, maybe on prairie.

once upon a time i was a young girl in a large family.  #4, right in the middle. too big to be with the little kids, too little to be with the big ones. i shared a room with my next oldest sister. some of my favorite memories were when she decided i was not allowed on her side of the room. in order for her to enforce this, we came up with rather inventive ideas, like large wall dividers made out of paper. it was completely awesome but mom didn't think so. another idea was for me to live in a the walk in closet in our room. best room i ever had. it was big enough for a trundle bed [*which we stole from my brother], a night stand and my clothes hung nicely. i was so happy in my little space.

i told my mom when i first saw the sound of music that i wanted to be a nun. she told me i couldn't be because nuns are catholic and we are lds, so i told her i'd like to be the first mormon nun. she laughed at me but i was serious. mostly because of the simplicity of maria's life. she gave away all her stuff and i assumed lived in a very small space. [while in the convent, obviously not in captain von trapp's home]

years later, mom and i went to see sister act and the little cell they live in was completely appealing to me as well. i worked in a jail and i loved those cells as well.

the point of this post is to tell you that i want to live in a really small home. like the size of a shed. for real. this is not something that i just thought up one day, or an idea that i think it cool for the time being. i have wanted this for my whole life. of course i want my family there, so it is not doable at this time, but mark my words. ken and i will live in a tiny house. i have the whole thing designed in my head and it is less than 500 square feet. i feel so excited when i think about this.

i just thought i'd tell you. it's true i get a lot of weird crazy ideas. some things we do, some are forgotten as quickly as they are concocted, but this dream/idea is not new or a fad. it's one of my oldest dreams. it will come to pass.

the end.

*my brother never told our mom he lost his bed. can you imagine how that conversation would have gone? she would have killed him.  then me.


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