Saturday, June 16, 2012

would you like a strawberry?

i bought three flats of strawberries this morning. I canned one flat of them tonight. they made 10 pints of freezer jam and 11 pints of the other kind.

look how awesome these berries are! they are perfect.

i'm going to make syrup, strawberry topping and freeze the 2nd flat. we'll eat continue eating the third flat. [eat with a line through it looks like cat. i wouldn't even eat a cat. even if i was dying. in case you were wondering.]

thank you to my friend marie who let me borrow her canner.

dear marie, i'm lame and didn't know how to use the wire thing at the bottom so i ended up jerry-rigging my own thing. you'll have to give me an inservice. from, dedra

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