Friday, November 15, 2013

A Boatload of Finishes

Another 'piece of paper'. I love this one better than the last. I'm still trying to decide what to'write' on it.

Four beanbags for a hopscotch board

Anna's homemade present for Christmas.

Nicole's 'test dress'. She asked me to make her a dress out of satiny fabric and I wasn't sure of her size, so I made a test dress out of the pattern to make sure it fit her well.

I was pretty sure Anna would want a test dress too, even though she is way easier to sew for. I'll make her a satiny dress also...but a different color than Nicole's

Both girls together. Their dresses are made of the same fabrics, but I don't think they're matchy matchy.
This post is being linked up to CMQ's Finish it up Friday. I haven't linked up in about seven months. It's nice to be sewing again. I really did start and finish all of these this week too.

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Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

You should write your favorite scripture or song lyrics or a poem on the quilt. I love those paper quilts!

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