Thursday, July 5, 2012

awkward and awesome


  • it is still and always will be awkward being called 'miss' by a teenage boy. it's weird too.
  • yesterday matthew drew 'chicken pocks' all over his body with a marker. then he started coloring his hand pink and had a sleeve by the time he was done. he then came over to me and told me he's dying from the plague. the infection was spreading!
  • just now he just said, 'okay mom. i think i really have chicken pocks this time.'  he does not.
  • we bought a year long pass to a science center in california that gives us free admission to many the science centers and zoos all over the country. the reason we buy it so far away from where we live is because you can't use your local pass to get into other local sites. but with one from california, you can attend them all.
  • a bag of vomit. [i'm not explaining this.]
  • being blamed for the midwest heat wave. 
  • living in the pnw during the midwest heat wave. [dear friends in kansas, come visit us! our high this week is 81. bring a parka though. you might freeze.]

  • last night we went to a golf course in tumwater and watched the city fireworks display with some of our friends. good times were had and what not.
  • these two little lady lou's:

  • awkward and awesome:

    • so i don't really have an explanation for this one. i took his picture. ken said i was going on put the photo on the internet and two of the other ladies commented on awkward and awesome. i just couldn't decide where to put him, so here is he. our family loves dave, his whole family and his hat too. in fact, we love all the friends we met up with last night. it was probably our best independence day since we've been married. [i see this just turned awkward. you are welcome.]


    Amy N. said...

    It looks like we missed an awesome night by not going to the Tumwater Fireworks! We're lame.

    Tell me more about the science center pass...

    Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

    I love the Awkward and Awesome. I may need to start one on my blog. I'll give you credit of course. :)

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