Tuesday, July 3, 2012

good idea - bad idea

good idea: clean your bedroom.
bad idea: hide everything in your bedroom under your bed.
bad idea: be surprised when mom pulls all the crap out from under bed that you hid there.

good idea: read a book for 20 minutes everyday. [for children during summer vacation especially]
bad idea: whine and complain about having to read a book the whole 20 minutes, be sad when you aren't done when your siblings are done after 20 minutes, whine and complain for 20 more minutes and then finally give in and read for about 40 minutes because the book you chose is so good.  

good idea: quiet time.
good idea: go to girls camp.
good idea: make me a sandwich.

good idea: be a good mom and have your fhe lesson ready for monday night.
bad idea: be a naughty child and text your mom in the middle of her [5 minute long] lesson and ask her if it's almost over.  do not do this!!

good idea: grilled cheese sandwich.
good idea: open faced grilled cheese sandwich.
better idea: make your open faced grilled cheese sandwich in your toaster. [toaster cheese sandwich]

thank you linda for this awesome idea! it worked, but my toaster did smoke some. i'm pretty sure it just needs cleaned out. that and someone may or may not have put butter between the bread and cheese.

bad idea: putting butter between the bread and cheese on your toaster cheese sandwich. 
consequence: the toaster will smoke.


Hoovy4 said...

The cheese toast idea? Ghe-Ttp. But so "SMRT"

Ryan Anderson said...

so what did the toaster do to your counter top?

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