Monday, November 26, 2012

My time with Gina [10-22 to 10-26]

when spencer passed away i went to utah with gina and stayed with her until after his funeral. here are a few things we did while i was there.

dressed like a 'special' pirate

cookie smiles [and mustaches]

we tried long arm quilting. [i will own a long arm quilter one day. one day.]

we went to 5 fabric stores. here are some of my buys.

we made tiny quilt blocks using the paper piecing method.

we ate lunch at vivint [where gina works] everyday. it was like eating at a restaraunt. every day.

this photo is evidence of 100% insanity. the little boat, which has 8 pieces, is only 1 inch square. i love it.

most poorly sewing pin cushion ever. this is good for throwing at people named gina.

i made 5 of these blocks.

1 comment:

Kate said...

i want that boat. all 5 of them. send me the pattern??? stat. that means now. when you are done eating garlic rolls and those tortilla pinwheel thingys.

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