Thursday, November 29, 2012

good idea, bad idea [thursday edition]

good idea: graciously accept a gift, even if you think it's lame.
alright idea: regift said gift to someone you think is equally lame.
bag idea: regift lame gift to equally lame person, in front of the giver of the gift.

good idea: watching a movie your enjoyment and recreation.
bad idea: rewatch same movie over and over, hoping for a different ending.
good idea: therapy.
dedra-guilty. [i was 7 or 8 years old]

lightbulb: there should be choose your own adventure movies. i'm going to write to steven spielberg and tell him. while we are on the subject of movies, i also think there should be disney mash up movies. the little mermaid and finding nemo for instance. who would win if ursula took on bruce? between dori and skuttle, there could be a whole new world of stories.  someone get on it!

i digress.

good idea: fabric shopping.
bad idea: fabric hoarding.

good idea: getting a second job at a fabric store to occupy your time.
bad idea: spending more money at said fabric store than you make working there.
good idea: quitting your second job at the fabric store.
gina -guilty

good idea: go to disneyland
better idea: go to disneyland without your kids.
bad idea: get a terrible 24 hour bug the day you fly out to disneyland. [i felt better the next morning.]
ken & dedra-guilty...but not guilty. it was so fun!

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RJ said...

So what was the movie you watched repeatedly that never changed?

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