Saturday, December 1, 2012

in which i find out how much fabric i really have.

have you ever read those fabric blogs where people keep track of how much fabric they have in their stash, how much they use each week, month and year, as well as how much they add to their stash each week, month and year? {do you like my super long sentence?] i have read a few of those through out the last few years and yesterday i came across another one. at the moment i began to wonder how much fabric i have in my stash. i have maintained for a while that i probably have about 200 yards of fabric. i know that is a lot to some people and barely a dent to others. last night i started to inventory my fabric. i finished today, it took me about 4 hours. here is the verdict.
closet #1

fabric on bolts which are located on the closet listed above

closet #2

i also have an 18 gallons bin full of yardage and i folded and put away
bunch of fabric that was on my fabric table. neither are shown in photo.

total count
419 yards.

i have problems.

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