Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A little story.

Once upon a time, there was a lovely mother who had a very handsome son.  [and two pretty girls too.]

One day the mother decided to pick her son up from school [because she is so kind and Christ like.] While these two people were driving home, they saw some friends from church waiting for the school bus.

To make the children laugh, the son popped his head out the window and beat his chest like a gorilla as they drove by. Everyone laughed. Then the friend, provoked the lovely mother, causing her and her son to turn around and go back, for round 2.

The next time, the son opened the van door and stood in the opening as they drove by their friends. The friends were happy. The mom was happy. The son was happy. An innocent passerby? Not. Happy. As the mom and her son started driving home, a car started following them. The car was driving exceedingly fast through the neighborhood the mom and boy were exiting. It turned right onto the main road after they did. That car followed the mom and boy until they made the final turn on their street. The mom and child were relieved when the car drove straight as they turned.

The End right? Not so, compadre.

Fast forward twenty minutes and there was a knock on the mom's door. She was frightened. She thought maybe that car was following her. As she and her son opened the door, it wasn't a stranger. It was a police man.

Mom: Hi there.
Policeman: Hi. Who was driving the mini van?
Mom: Me.
Policeman: Who was with you.
Mom: My son.
Policeman: Were driving with the slider door open?
Mom: Yes. For the span of two homes. Our friends were waiting for the preschool bus and we wanted to say hello to them.
Policeman: Were you doing anything else?
Mom: Nope. Did someone call and turn us in?
Policeman: Yes.
Mom: It was probably the green Accura driving like a madman through the neighborhood.
Policeman: That's how they described you.
Boy: Do you know someone named Ryan {insert policeman's last name here} ?
Policeman: Why?
Boy: He's one of my good friends.
Mom: Does that worry you now?
Policeman: Do you go to {insert boy's school name here.}
Boy: yes. and we were on the same football team.
Policaman: What's your name?
Boy: {says his name}
Policeman: I remember. I should have known by your sweatshirt. {It was fan wear from the football team.}
Everyone: laugh, talk about football for a second.
Policeman: Alright, have a good day.
Mom: Sorry you had to take time out of your day for this.
Policeman: No problem. See ya.
Mom: See ya.

The End.

This story may or may not be based on an actual even.

Ps, if this story is based on actual events, please know I never drive like a mad man. I gave that up over 10 years ago. I drive like a grandma.


Amy N. said...

Moral of the story: Never text Dedra or someone will call the police.

Amy N. said...

By the way, that little red headed kid is adorable. :)

Lisa said...

Hahaha :D

Kimberly said...

I love it! You are such a fun mom!

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