Thursday, December 26, 2013

A quick trip to Utah

Ken flew down to Utah on December 16 to be with his Dad during the final hours of his earthly life. Keith passed away only three hours after Ken got there, in the early morning of December 17.  The kids and I went down to Utah, along with my Dad, who we will call 'our professional driver' for the remainder of this post.  The drive was more eventful than one hopes. We had iffy weather and roads over the blues, a flat tire in Baker City, Oregon and snow floor between Mountain Home and Burley. Dad and I were thankful for every mile of good roads we had because we were expecting the roads to be nasty from Burley to Ogden, but there didn't get bad until Bountiful.

In case you have never made this drive, I have some pictures for you, so you'll be able to identify which state you are driving in.

Oregon: You have to drive slow or you'll get a ticket...again.

Utah: temples and tailgaters.

Idaho: Two trucks going the same speed in both lanes for miles and miles and miles.

Now you'll be able to recognize your surroundings.

We got home from Utah on the 23rd, and we were all really glad to be home in our own surroundings. Be it ever humble, there is no place like home.

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