Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Idea - Bad Idea

Good Idea : Working swing shift. (I really love working swing shifts!)
Bad Idea: Working swings that turn into graveyard shift or mornings that turn into swings. I've done that 3 times in the last 6 days. Me tired but looking forward to the paycheck!

Good Idea: Playing games.
Better Idea: Playing the game Loaded Questions.
Best Idea: having someone super shy read all the answers to Loaded Questions written by a slew of people who lack filters.
Consequence: said shy person said the following which caused filterless crowd to laugh, cry, and possibly pee their pants:
•I want to be a dancer on the mustang ranch.
•I'm gay.
•. . . (the answer to the q, "what makes a great party den better?" ps, . . . means . . .
• he read things which referenced racists, homosexuals and your mom. It was awesome!

There more but I cant remember.

Good Idea: brownies
What I Did: ate them for breakfast.

Good Idea: free books for the kindle (app)
Bad Idea: a lot of those free books are porn! Be careful when scanning for free books on Amazon.

Bad Idea: someone, who isn't me, ate the last brownie! Boo on them.

Good Idea: a nice winter snowstorm which blankets the PNW with white junk.
Consequence: no power from 12 hours - some of our friends are still out 5 days later.
Consequence: the county shut down.
Consequence: the governor declared a state emergency.
Consequence: church was canceled.
Consequence: school was cancelled for a week and it still hasn't started on time which means no AM Kindergarten which means Anna hasn't been to school since the 13th. [is anyone else annoyed by 2 hour late starts for no good reason?!]

We are safe and warm. Our power was only out for 12 hours. Thank you to those who helped with my kids while Ken and I both worked. Mucho appreciated-o

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