Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two more days until...


It's the most wonderful *weekend* of the year!

You may be asking yourself, what's so great about ensign ranch? Well, here's what you've missed in the last 8+ years...

•Pinewood derby races
•Massive amounts of pizza, so much it is humanly impossible to finish, but. We did.
•Ryan sang (and danced) to the sound of music with Cassie.
•Ken gave a lovely dissertation about Rodgers and Hammerstein.
•Regann only wants the *righteous* priests.
•Matthew, Mayson and Harmon will be working on a 3rd consecutive year of setting off the smoke detectors in room 6.
•Fainting goats, inner family marrying, dancing pigs, and horseback rides-all in the name of scripture study and story time. Oh yeah! I built a *great* house of wood!
•a foam mattress WILL support Matthew or Mayson as a bridge...if Harmon stands under it.
•bananagrams, pit and spoons- oh my!
•but don't forget cranium, encore!, and even more pit!
•Texas dip, bruschetta, and roasted garlic is mandatory.
•Sunday devotional as a family.
•Mom and Wendi playing Qui Vive.
•Gina and me singing opera- badly.
•talent show!! Evolution of dance, violins and clarinets and dancing and singing and much much more!
•old family movies and new memorial tributes.
•extreme ping pong-who needs a table? We're all on the same side. The lodge is our court.
•dad, don't forget the pool chalk.
•what happened to the velvet J.S.? I miss you buddy!
•Sunday Dinner, the guys fry the turkey, I make the mashed potatoes, I'm unclear about the rest. But it's delish!
• We eat some more.
•unfortunately we can only control our choices and not our consequences. Ryan (and some others) stinks, so we also have a mandatory supply of pepto, tums and gas-x.
•We over eat.
•we are sleep deprived.
•we are loud-the kids are louder. (if it's too loud, you're too old)
•we eat breakfast on MLK day at burger king in North Bend.
•It snows or rains almost every year. We don't care.

Sounds like a party right? Oh really? You want to come? Sorry. It's by invitation only and if you aren't married to an Anderson kid, or a child of one, or the parent/grandpa of them all, you'll have to plan your own weekend. MLK is booked though.

I'd like to say we'll be thinking of those not present, but we probably won't be. It's just too much fun! And it's in TWO days!!

I need to get packed.



Ryan Anderson said...

This year we are adding rockets and floating balls of fire. Can anyone say forest fire?


P Kirkwood said...

You should bring 'Loaded Question'. You family sounds like people that would know exactly what a butt would say if it had a mouth! Have fun!

P Kirkwood said...

Okay, for those of you reading that aren't Dedra, that is not an insult, but a very funny compliment. Just letting you know...

Dedra C said...

Pam, I have bought it and it is packed. We're going to rock it! Ps, some jeans just don't do you any favors!

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