Wednesday, October 3, 2012

just another list

  • i have purchased 7 more christmas presents.
  • ken has had 2 spanish classes and now he thinks he's fluent.
  • i don't like drinking soda out of a bottle or through a straw.
  • I sing the hymn, 'let us all press on' when i'm ironing quilt blocks.
  • after i finished rewriting the entire primary program, i found my original interviews.
  • if we would have named nicole, charlet nicole, her nickname could have been charcoal. 
  • nicole doesn't like being called charcoal.  i tried it.
  • apparently you can deck the halls with balls of jelly. [sing it. it works.]
  • i want to write a whole blog post with a lisp.  it would be really fun to read.  for me.
tho, today matthew and i worked on thpelling and math. he thang thongs [haha] and thpent time doing thcience projectth.

awesome! right?

okay. have a great night. thankth for reading.

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