Tuesday, October 30, 2012

pumpkins and candy corns.

saturday morning we went and bought pumpkins. the kids got to pick their own pumpkin, and they could have any one they wanted, as long as they could carry it.


we carved our pumpkins for family home evening.

do you like anna's new haircut? i gave it to her this morning at 8am.
i was brushing her hair to fix it for school and there was a boatload of gum in her hair. 
strawberry gum to be exact. we don't even buy strawberry gum.
i am stumped. 

do they look scary?

after the mess was cleaned up, we had a delicious treat. [this is the only way you're going to get me to eat a candy corn.] 

the end.

1 comment:

Amy N. said...

Our joint dislike of candy corn is the real reason we are friends. Everything else is centered around that fact.

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