Friday, April 5, 2013

Finished Blocks of the Month.

I am a part of two quilt alongs right now. The first 3 photos are my blocks from the virtual quilting bee being sponsored by Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter.

These next three blocks are from the quilt class being held in my ward at church. These blocks represent the seasons, and I think the holidays as well. 

I'm pretty happy with the outcomes of all my blocks so far and I'm excited for these projects to be really finished.

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ipatchandquilt said...

Very nice blocks!

Prism said...

Dear Dedra,

Since you seem to have inherited all of the quilting skills that I was supposed to have (but clearly DON’T), and since I loved what you did with the hex blocks --I would like to send you the vintage hex blocks I got from mom (who got them from an old lady quilter).

Since to me, sewing each of these @$%^&(*&^%$#@! tiny freaking things together into one cohesive whole sounds like my personal version of hell, I would LOVE to send them to you! Send me your address (again!—and I promise THIS time it will make it into my address book!) and I will pop them into the mail, and you will get a care package from Ohio!

Your soon to be favorite cousin, Marie

Dedra C said...

I'm so excited! How big are the hexi's? How many would you guess you have?

I can't wait!

Ps, who were we supposed to have inherited our quilt skills from? I'm self taught. No one in my family quilts. You have me curious.

Prism said...

I didn''t measure the darn things! Maybe four inches? You will have to be surpised by how many-- and count them yourself-cause I' m never touching them again! Ha-ha! FREEDOM!

Aunt stephanie & aunt sheila (who share a house for easier stash access!) are crazy quilt ladies!

Another reason you need to come visit me--I live close to the amazing Amish fabric store, which specializes in quilt fabric.

Dedra C said...

I got them and I love them! Stay tuned for awesomeness.

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