Friday, February 22, 2013

Finish it up Friday and a Work in Progress or Two Too.

I made this cow costume for a play being put on at a local school. They already had pants to go with the costume so I only had to build the body. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and my models actually cooperated for a few minutes as well.

I only had that one finish, but I have tried something new and I have an update on one of my WIP's.

I tried English Paper Piecing.I don't care how cool these things look when they are done. I'm probably never going to to another one. Hand sewing is not for me.  They will not be wasted though. I will (machine) applique them onto quilt blocks and use them in a quilt I'm working on.

Here is the progress on my current labor of love. I need to make 10 more, but I ran out of the while tone on tone fabric I was using. I have since been to the fabric store (half a dozen times) and I'm ready to finish these blocks and get them off my WIP wall.
 Lastly, this is the bread I made with dinner last night, and it was delicious. 
Oatmeal bread is my family's favorite.

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Heidi Staples said...

Your projects look great -- I love those stars! And that bread looks divine!

Kate said...

The cow/llama looks fantastic! heh heh. also, I love that red and aqua flower. you should mail it to me. STAT. :) or make 250 more for a quilt top since you love english paper piecing soooooooo much.

Lisa said...

I'm in love with the red and aqua! Yes make a quilt for me out of it!!:) and I would love to get together on a weekend to see with you! I need your expertise to help me make a quilt....I've never made one before. Hehe but I want to. And I actually talked to Becky last week when I thought I'd lost all contact with her.

Oh and your bread looks delicious! You have the talents I want.

Sara said...

The cow costume is wonderfully done and I love that star quilt top:)

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