Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You Might Be Related to Me IF...

  • You know what toonies are.
  • You ever ignored a land line phone call, coming from the other end of the house, from your Dad, telling you you were being too loud.
  • You ever used that same land line to call the other end of the house to ask Mom to make you a treat at midnight.
  • The phrases, "get the board" and "grab your ankles" cause your heart to panic, just a little.
  • Played beauty shop in our downstairs laundry room in Meridian, Idaho.
  • The smell of hard candy makes you dry heave.
  • You knew your multiples of 4 before you knew your alphabet.
  • You know all the words to "Uptown Girl" and you know a 'special' choreographed dance that goes with it.
  • Your "A's" are showing.
  • A beehive hairdo doesn't even grab your attention.
  • The thought of living in a 13-15 foot camper trailer with 8 other people brings good memories before you remind yourself, you were really cramped.
  • You think of the orange couch, the orange knife, and grandma's orange room with fond memories. [curse you garen and adam for jumping through that couch!]
  • Towels are a perfectly acceptable cover for large musical instruments, such as an organ.
  • Some people have a china collection, you may have had a pyrex cup collection.
  • You'd never tasted oven baked french fries.
  • You have been kicked out of the factory outlet mall in North Bend, WA but made it past security at Morison Knudson in Boise, Idaho.
  • It's not impressive if you know someone who owns a cotton candy machine or a inflatable jumping toy.
  • You're invited to Ensign Ranch.
  • Watching TV, playing the piano, listening the the stereo and vacuuming the floor, all go on at the same time in the same room, and are considered acceptable activities. {This may or may have been captured on video somewhere.}  side note: Mom would never allow video games to be played in the front room. They were far too loud and distracting.

1 comment:

Amy N. said...

Darn, not related.

Oh well, I guess I have my own therapy needs from my childhood. ;)

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