Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear Briana, Brittney, and Ashley (and Jarin)

I'm super jealous tonight that I missed your dinner with Ryan.  Here is my plan.


I'll be in Rexburg for a week this summer. The last week of July/ first week in August. Let's party! We don't even have to invite Ryan. or maybe we should. he might pay. (Or Jarin.)

I'm glad you gals like my blog! You're cordially invited to comment every now and then.

I love you ladies!


The Abegglens said...

You should have been there, you totally missed out. We shall gather again in July/August. Except jarin won't be there, so Ryan will have to pay again. Lol

The Price Family said...

What a party? Isn't family a wonderful thing. Its a good thing when you feel left out right? lol

AmyDawn said...

Dear Dedra,
I live 15 minutes from Rexburg. If you don't visit me in July I will hunt you down and do something to you. I don't know what yet, but something.


Amy Taylor

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