Monday, May 13, 2013


Welcome to my 400th post. It's been sitting here for over a month, waiting to be written. The problem is, I have been feeling too much anxiety to write. Over the past few months I have heard many comments about people being frustrated about blogs that are written through rose colored glasses. People saying they are tired of reading blogs about places where nothing bad ever happens. Sometimes before I heard those comments, someone in the conversation may have even mentioned my blog. Because I am uber over sensitive, I take things personally sometimes. This then causes me to not want to blog for a few days, or 38.

Yesterday in church, one of my besties gave the best Mother's Day talk I've heard in my adult life. If you are a mother, please click here and read it.

I took many gems from her talk, but I also felt like it was okay to keep writing on my blog. For the most part, this blog may be written through rose colored glasses, but that's okay. I don't blog about the bad stuff, because I want to forget it. I don't blog about my frustrations with situations, because I strive everyday not to be a gossip. I feel pretty good about myself in that category. I don't write about my extended family because some of us are estranged. Too Much Information? It may make you feel uncomfortable for a second, but in my heart of hearts, I don't know how to repair it.

So. Welcome back to my blog, written with my pretty glasses on. Some of the things I share, I don't feel are funny at the moment, but as a dear friend of our family said to us once, Do it with a smile on your face and a grudge in your heart. Sometimes I write with a grudge in my heart, a tear down my face, and prayer for a smile in the future.

I'd rather read a rose colored blog than a downer blog. So there.

That being said, here is a photo dump, that may or may not sum up the last 38 days.

A photo my brother, Ryan, posted on my facebook wall.

Spring break fun at the bank.

Me with some of my besties, trespassing on another's dock. She went out of town, and we had to show her how great the weather was...on her dock.

A phone background. You have permission to take this photo and put it on your iphone too.

I took this picture there was no color on the battery. I liked it.

My hair is growing. I feel uncomfortable with it.

Matthew's attempt to be a hacker.

Matthew got in trouble at school...again.

Anna lost all her teeth.

At the gym.

I had no voicemails.

Cole's hair.

Janet and I went and got our toes did.
Mother's Day with my people.
One last thing. If you're wondering why there are three times more photos of Matthew than the girls, it's because he's homeschooled. He's my sidekick. All. The. Time.

One last one last thing. Happy Birthday April! Here's a photo for you.


Amy N. said...

Welcome back.

People say that about my blog too. Sometimes the yucky stuff is no one else's business. Besides, I'd rather read a rose colored glasses blog then a whiny one. And there are a lot of whiney ones out there.

Prism said...

I like your blog just the way it is, and I am glad you're back! I mostly see life through rose colored glasses--both on my blog in and in personal, face to face conversations, so...You GO girl! Besides, I have enjoyed getting to know you!

Lisa said...

I love reading your blog! Love the pics in this one. Hehe

Kate said...

rose colored glasses is better than brown ones. unless they are colored with brownies and not poop, then I say bring on the brown glasses. I love the photo dump and need to do more of those. i dont read blogs for words anyways - if it has pretty pictures, i keep looking. too many words, and I click on my next one.
the end

Benjamin Draper said...

Hooray! Elizabeth and I are happy to see you posting again!

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