Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just in case you were wondering...

  • I ate brownies and drank a diet Pepsi for breakfast this morning.
  • A lot of brownies.
  • Ken took my car to work today because he killed the battery on his and was running too late to jump it this morning.  I don't enjoy being grounded. 
  • I'm going to play the organ for sacrament meeting on Sunday. I'm hoping to keep my bloopers to less than 5. I'm also hoping one them includes an accidental fanfare as the man conducting our service walks up to the pulpit. I've done it before. It. Was. Awesome.
  • I went to Bremerton on Saturday and my Dad and I cleaned my Mom's  and Robert's headstones. It was the first time I'd ever been to Robert's grave over Memorial Day Weekend. I normally stay close to home since the funeral homes Ken has worked at, over the years, usually has activities and a program for the public. [We know how to party. Putting the fun back in funeral.]
  • I was a gross of pink flamingos and two dozen rubber chickens for my birthday. Or Christmas. Or just because.
  • You might be related to me if you've ever rolled your car while driving 0 [zero] miles per house.
  • I got a new toothbrush. It's pink. Oral B indicator.
  • Yesterday I heard 'Taps' played with an echo. It was beautiful! I'd never heard it that way before. Listen to it here, if you are reading this by email.

  • I just learned it is called 'Echo Taps.' Fitting.
  • Now that my hair has completely grown out of the weird stages, and just needs to get length, I am ready to have it cut off. Me no likey.
  • I have recently downloaded an app from the library so I can listen to books on tape on my phone. I am really loving that app! It's called OverDrive, if you're interested.
  • School is out in 15 days [including weekends.]
  • Dear Kate, I'll see you in 126 days. Get my room ready.
Have a happy Tuesday!


Kate said...

i have a purple toothbrush, I like brownies, and you are sleeping under josies bed. done and done. :)

Amy N. said...

I had cookies for breakfast myself. However I had a multivitamin with them so it was healthy.

I love echo taps. Gorgeous. Taps is an example of how a simple song can be absolutely beautiful and stirring. I love it.

Ryan Anderson said...

I was parked on the side of the road and got rear ended and pushed off the road down a hill. Sounds better than saying I rolled a car going zero miles per hour.


Prism said...

I love OverDrive! Also, are you implying that there might be something less than ideal about lots of brownies for breakfast? I'm confused, because those are a breakfast staple around here!

I would like more details on rolling the car! Also, the story of the accidental fanfare totally made my day!

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