Thursday, May 30, 2013

Awkward and Awesome

Some of these will be Awesome first, followed by Awkward.  They just work better that way.

Awesome: A few weeks ago, Ken and I went to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma.
Awesome: We ate on the trolley. We hadn't done that since our 2nd wedding anniversary.
Awkward: We were surrounded by people with small children who wanted us to look at them and validate all their baby talk. [Note: I HATE baby talk.}Look Benny, we're on a choo choo. Can you say choo choo? It's a red choo choo. On and on  and on with the baby talk.  Benny was 12.  Okay--that part is a lie.
Awkward: The waiter went up to one family and took their order. The woman ordered some kind of salad for her meal. The waiter responded, "I'm assuming you want soup, because you probably don't want salad with a salad."

Awesome: My hair is a full three inches below my neckline. I've been growing it out for a while now. Years if you include all the times I have quit and gotten a nice short haircut, which is how I prefer to wear my hair.
Lame: I am so tender headed, every time I fix my hair with anything more than the bangs pulled to the side in a clip, I get a monster headache. With in minutes. I really badly want to donate my hair to Locks of Love. My hair could be long enough by Christmas. I don't think my poor head can make it that long. I pulled the top part back less than an hour ago and I'm ready to go lay down in a dark room and cry.


My ADD is so distracting that I just realized I never made it to the library. Two days ago. My book is now 2 days over due.

Using the wrong word in a conversation.

  • subsidize vs supplement
  • condensation vs condescension
  • rapport vs repertoire
  • thank you vs this is stupid.
You get the idea.

While I as at my friends house the other day, I went to take a drink of water and tilted the glass way before I made it to my mouth. I wore a lot of water. 


Matthew is going to scout camp in Idaho in two weeks. I get to spend the week with my Sister in Law while he's at camp. Party Time.

I took some cuttings of roses from my mom's rose bush a couple weeks ago.  They are sprouting! I'm so happy.

My sister gave me 15 strawberry plants. They are all flowering and some of them already have berries turning red. I'm so happy again!

This weekend it's supposed to be warm. I'm over the cold this year. 

My big kids have been making dinner. Almost every night this week. One day I went in to start something and Nicole told me it was already in the over and it would be ready in 20 more minutes. Score!

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Prism said...

My brain indiscriminately inserts random words for me, so my kids routinely have to ask me things like "Mom, why do you want me to bring you the popcorn for the floor"--and I have to clarify that I actually meant "vacuum". And other weirdness!

Also--there are VERY FEW things in this life that are as awesome as big kids who are capable and creative, and perfectly able to say "mom, go take an aspirin and lay down, dinner is in the oven"!

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