Monday, May 20, 2013


Fact: School is out in 23 days and 14 hours.

Fact: I'm going to be wreaking havoc in PENNSYLVANIA in 134 days and 15 hours. For seven glorious days! Plans include: 
  • visiting states I've never been to
  • stalking the Amish
  • eating at delicious new restaurants 
  • exterminating cats.
Fact: I read 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas' this weekend. I was so disturbed, I decided to watch the movie too. I feel ill.

Fact: The gym was not easy this morning. The gym was especially difficult this morning...mentally.

Fact: Matthew is trying to prove a point to me right now by referencing Tommy Boy.

Fact: I have 15 new strawberry plants. I hope next year I won't have to go to Spooners for strawberries!
Fact: My hair is less grey now.

Fact: My puzzle wouldn't fit back in the box. This happens to me with sleeping bags and tents as well.
Fact: My friend has an infestation of speed bumps. I feel really sorry for her. Really sorry.

Fact: This is the hardest puzzle I have ever attempted to put together.  Two of my friends and I have been working on it. Last night it took me over an hour to put the coca cola sign on the bottle together. It's tough.
Fact: This is my garden. It's super a little ghetto.
This is a test to see if Gina reads my blog. This is only a test.

Fact: Gina is lame.


Marie Martin said...

I read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas recently. I was so disturbed I decided NOT to watch the movie. I couldn't handle it.

Unknown said...

I only saw the movie , disturbing, but still glad I saw it.

Gina Jill said...

Fact: Gina always reads your blog
Fact: Gina doesn't comment often.
Fact: Dedra smells like poop

Dedra C said...

You're rude.

Prism said...

I will TOTALLY drive over to PA to see you--but I live right smack in the middle of Amish country, so if you come to see me I will take you to the Amish Quilt/Fabric store! (Bribe, bribe!) Fact: my town's library, grocery store & Dollar General all have hitching rails for the Amish buggies.

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