Thursday, June 27, 2013

Awkward and Awesome

Awesome: I have started back to the gym, after taking a two and a half week break while I was in Idaho and then recovering from Idaho. 
Awkward: I wore my swimsuit under my clothes to the gym today and after my shower, I realized I forgot a brasier. 
Awkward: Nicole went to the gym in jeans and sequined fake toms. She had choir music with her. Oy. 

For the record, she walked two miles on a treadmill and I would not let her bring her music in. What a mean mother she has. 

I think that's plenty of awkward for one post. We're overachievers in these here parts. 

1 comment:

Donna Shoop said...

Haha.. When I read brasier.. I was like what is that?! I read it completly wrong.. now I can't even tell you what I thought the word is because I know it now.

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