Saturday, June 29, 2013

Not The Same Dude.

I was listening to Neil Diamond's Stargazer yesterday when Matthew started to sing Elvis Presley's Return to Sender. I told him to sing the song that's playing on the radio. He said, 'It doesn't matter. It's the same black dude singing both songs.  Silence.  After I recovered, I told him neither Neil Diamond nor Elvis Presley are black. He asked about the guy who was singing Return to Sender on a music award show. I told him the guy must have been doing an Elvis tribute.

I need to teach my kids better. But, here is what Neil and Elvis may have looked like, if they darker skin. The picture of Neil is actually a still shot from the Jazz Singer. He was pretending to be a black dude for a gig.

In the event that someone is reading this post and coming to the conclusion that I am a racist or somehow prejudice, please think again. You are mistaken.  :)

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